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Copy of Nastagio by Botticelli
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Copy of the Garden of delights by Hieronymus Bosch

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It is possible to access to painters (Biography and major works) from the Site Homepage, itself accessible from any page by clicking on the MichellArt turquoise blue logo.

It is also possible to access to artists by clicking on the header Dictionary of painters situated inthe frame with an ochre background situated on the left of every page.

It is possible to access to works from the artist page or from the Gallery which includes who sections :
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the first one dedicated to copies that Michel Mancini has already achieved,
Blue ball icon the second one dedicated to works a copy of which could possibly be made on request after acceptance by the customer of the corresponding quotation.

The header Available contains the copies immediately available with their price, dimensions and shipping cost for France except region of Paris and DOM/TOM, delivery costs for other destinations being indicated in the header Conditions.

The Condition sectiob also indicates how to get (for custom work, i.e. other than available copies) a free quotation of commission including :

Blue ball icon recommended dimensions,
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firm price not subject to revision (all included),
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estimated lead time,
being stated that we reserve our right to not accept the execution of a copy the cost or lead time of which would appear as excessive.

Requests for copy quotations may be made for works selected by the client among those presented in :

Blue ball icon our free virtual Gallery,
Blue ball icon the museums that we have selected in the header Links (or any other museum), under the condition that it would be a painting belonging to the period (15th to 19th century) and styles we are proposing i.e. decorative painting (which includes still-life of bouquets of flowers) and fantastic or surrealist painting.

The header Contact indicates when and how to contact us.

At last, each page contains a link to the header Legal information wich also contains our confidentiality policy.

By typing one or several keywords in the white window which is in light ochre cartridge on the left of every page, then by clicking on Find! you can make any search on our WebSite.
By clicking on Map of the Site in same cartridge, you get a complete listing of the all the documents of our WebSite, and afterwards reach any page, in any of the three languages of our WebSite.

In the dark ochre cartridge (situated above cartridge precedent), you will find the links to the following sections :

Purple ball icon About us : Information on MichellArt, and bibliography and sample of works of our copyist: Michel Mancini, possibility of downloading at the pdf format a synthetic leaflet of one page on MichellArt either our complete brochure of 30 pages of pictures.
Purple ball icon Fidelity Program : First possibility of obtaining discounts on our normal rates.
Purple ball icon Sponsoring Program : a Second possibility of obtaining discounts on our normal rates.
Purple ball icon Golden Book of our customers and Guests' Book of the visitors of our WebSite.
Purple ball icon Newsletter (suscribe or unsuscribe.)
Purple ball icon Reciprocal Links : links to friendly or partner WebSites. (The links to museums and virtual galleries to choose an original are in Links header on the top of every page.)
Purple ball icon Link Exchange : Procedure to be followed for link exchange proposals.
Purple ball icon Webmaster Tools : Tools for Webmasters and possibility to download our important javascript library : MichellArt.js.
Purple ball icon Exhibitions (past or to come.)
Purple ball icon Dictionary of Painters : : 15.000 painters of the whole world, of all periods and all movements, with an internal link for the painters present on MichellArt or a external link to Wikipedia for the painters not present on MichellArt, but being part of the most famous painters.

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