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Conditions and Terms of Sale of Ikona Web Site of Religious Icons hosted by MichellArt
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Order an icon available

Send us an email with your coordinates (first name, name, address) and the chosen item (name of the Artist, the title of the work and item Number).
The icon will be sent to you by Colissimo after reception of the payment in euros ( delivery expenses included).

If the buyer lives in France, DOM & TOM excluded (French Oversea Departments & French Oversea Territories), he can pay either by personal check or by bank transfer.
The address, where to send the check and /or the references of the account to be credited will be indicated by email.

If the buyer lives abroad or in French Oversea Departments or Territories (DOM or TOM), he will have necessarily to make the payment by bank transfer, the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the BIC (Bank International Code) of the account to be credited being supplied by email.

Transmission of property
It takes place at the moment of shipping.
However,it will exist a property reserveclause in favour of the vendor until this one effectively collected the totality of the price.

When you will receive the package, unpack it at once in front of the mailman and before this one goes away, to make notice possible deteriorations arisen during the transport and to be so capable of making play the insurance(assurance).

Value-added tax (VAT)
The icons presented in Icona, a Web Site hosted by MichellArt being directly sold by the artists without that MichellArt receives a commission, the prices without VAT and with VAT are identical whatever are the rules related with the VAT which apply to the buyer.

Protection of the buyer
If the buyer lives in France, he will benefit of all protections stipulated by the French laws in favour of consumers as regards the e-commerce.
If the buyer lives outside France, but in the EEC, he will benefit of all protections established by the regulations of the EEC in favour of the consumer as regards the e-commerce.

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Ikona Religious Icon WebSite hosted Conditions of sales
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