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Copy by Michel Mancini of Nastagio from Sandro Botticelli
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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
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Conditions and procedures of sale

Ordering an available copy
Send us an e-mail with your personal data (Name, Forename, Address, Telephone Number) and the painting chosen (Author and title of the painting plus the Item Number).

The copy will be dispatched to you after receiving the payment by transfer, or for the region of Paris only will be delivered at home (after arranging an appointment by phone) in exchange of payment by a cheque drawn by a French continental bank (No personal cheque).

Request for quotation of a commission
Send us an e-mail with your personal data (Name, Forename, Address, Telephone Number) and the painting chosen (Author and title of the painting plus item number if present in our Gallery) without forgetting to indicate

at which hours we may call you by telephone in order to adapt our proposal to your wishes and to your budget the best we can,
the museum where the painting is located if it is not one of those presented in our virtual gallery.

Afterwards we shall send to you by e-mail a free quotation including :

recommended size,
firm price all included not subject to revision
(in euros),
payment instructions,
estimated lead time,

being stated that we reserve our right to not accept the execution of a copy the cost or lead time of which would appear as excessive and that we will not be able to provide a copy if we do not succeed in find a good quality poster big enough to distinguish all the details of the original work.

We shall start painting the copy only if our quotation has been accepted by the customer and after reception of the total payment or (only above 10.000 €) of a 30 % deposit.

Delivery costs
They are free of charge for delivery at home in the Paris region (up to 50 km from Paris) and they are included in the price given in quotations for commissions.
The shipment costs to other destinations in continental France (which depend on the dimensions of the canvas, of its price and weight) are indicated for each copy immediately available.
Before your payment we shall indicate by e-mail the cost for shipping the available copy chosen to a foreign country or to the DOM/TOM.

Mailing Mode
Up to 1.500 € : Colissimo, for instance for a canvas sized M15 estimated 500 € con without framing : cost for France 12.10 € and 24.10 € for EEC and Switzerland.
Above 1,500 € : Chronopost, for instance for a canvas sized F20 estimated 2,000 € without framing : cost for France 41.21 € and 100.98 € for EEC and Switzerland.

Transfer of property
It occurs at the moment of mailing.

When you receive the parcel, unpack it immediately before the postman leaves, in order to bring the insurance into play in the case of damages ocurred during transportation.

Price determination
The price given in our quotation for a copy made under commission is mainly conditioned by the estimated time requested for painting it.
This time depends on the size of the copy and mostly of the characteristics of the original : this original has or has not a lot of thin details ?
To a smaller degree, the price of a copy depends on the cost of materials in particular this of the canvas which may be of a standard size or custom-made, which is more expensive.

Except contrary mention (for some copies Copies immediately available), our copies are proposed without frame in order to

avoid an increase of delivery costs,
let you choose a frame to your taste matching both with your dwelling style and the painting style.

Range of approximate prices
Bunches of flowers : from 2,000 to 4,000 €
Arcimboldo's portraits : from 3,000 to 4,000 €
Triptychs and big size copies : from 9,000 €

You may obtain a discount up to 25 % by participating in our fidelity program and/or in our sponsoring program.Besides, we propose periodically promotional items. But in that case, the customer can choose either to benefit from conditions of the promotion, or from advantages connected with programs of fidelity and sponsoring, but not both at the same time.
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