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Title & comments : Icon of the Gabriel Archangel (Detail from the icon of the Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev).

The Gabriel Archangel is known as the angel of vengeance, death and Annunciation.
His name is mentioned at least in four occasions in the Bible, one of the most known being the revelation made to Daniel as stated hereinafter :
" And I heard the voice of an earthly man in the middle of Ulay, it started to shout and say : " Gabriel, do so that from here the seen thing could be heard"..." (Daniel 8 : 15).

The Islamic tradition places the angel Gabriel (which in Arab is said Ybril, Jibril or Jabrail) in a favoured status because God designated Mohammed as his prophet through him.

Some scholars of the subject attribute the destruction of the Sodome's town to Gabriel, and he was who buried Moses.
In addition, he is who is watching over the entrance of the Garden of Eden in order to prevent that the Adam and Eve's descendants would go in, although some other say that who watches is the Michael angel.

Size of the icon presented above : Height 34 cm - Width 34 cm

Technique : Tempera on plywood and thin sheets of genuine gold

Author of this icon : Helen Prorelis

Item number : H050

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