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Title & comments : Icon of Saint Anthony by Michael Damaskinos (16th century) exhibited at the Byzantine Musuem of Athens.

Michael Damaskenos or Michail Damaskenos was born in Hadakas (today's Herakleion) between 1530 and 1535 and died in 1593.

He is a major representative of the post-Byzantine Cretan School of painting whilst Crete was under Venetian rule.

He was a near-contemporary of the most famous Cretan painter of any period, El Greco, but though Damaskinos also went to Italy, he remained much closer to his Greek roots stylistically.

Damaskinos lived in Venice for several years, where he learnt icon and miniature painting and travelled extensively throughout Italy.

He was a member of the Greek Brotherhood of Venice from 1577, having been in Venice since 1574.

He painted along with Emmanuel Tzanes the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of San Giorgio dei Greci in Venice.

In 1584 he was back in Greece and worked mainly in Crete and the Ionian islands.

His works are in traditional Byzantine style but with many influences from Venetian painting, mainly Renaissance artists such as Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese.

Size of the icon presented above : Height 30 cm - Width 24 cm

Technique : Tempera on wood and thin sheets of genuine gold, extraordinary work of precision.

Author of this icon : Nilda Madariaga

Item number : N060

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