Helen Prorelis maker of religious icons tempora painted on wood and gold sheets

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Biography and works of Helen Prorelis painter of religious icons
Photography of Helen Prorelis Painter of icons
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Helen Sarimanolis was born in 1944 in Antissa an important village in the mountain above the sea, at about eighty kilometers from Mytilene, capital of the greek island of Lesbos (in modern greek LesboV) situated in the Aegean Sea very near from the Turkish cost, an island which the place of birth of the famous poestess Sappho.

Every year, from May to October, the whole family leaved the house of the village to live in the countryside were they were breeding sheep, and cultivating olive-trees, fig-trees, vines ans vegetables than to water coming from springs now dried up.

During this period of the year, every day she had to walk eight kilometers to go to the village school, and so much for coming back.
On sundays, the family went to mass at the Ypsilos orthodox monastery perched on a rocky and precipitous peak.

When she was seventeen years, she left her island, Antissa and its main plaza where there is a lot of people at the tavern terrasses beneath centenary plane-trees eating sea-food and drinking ouzo.

She arrives in France where she marries George Prorelis who belongs to a greek family who emigrated from Turkey at the time of the great movements of population which followed the First World War.
She had two children, one girl and one boy.

She has been attending classes during about twenty years at the Abbey Academy in Poissy, whzere she learned the techniques of painting according the ancient way under the direction of a teacher who was a former resident at the Villa Medici and rewarded by the Prize of Rome.
For some years, Helen Prorelis has been specializing in copying religious Byzantine, Greek or Russian icons.

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