Biography and works of Thomas Hiepes, a Spanish painter of still-life and flowers of the seventeenth century

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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
Biography and works of Thomas Hiepes (1600-1674)
Bouquet of lilies, opium poppies, French marigolds and other sorts of flowers in a precious vase by Thomas Hiepes---Bouquet of flowers with a sunflower in a precious vase by Thomas Hiepes
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Thomas Hiepes (whose name can also been written Yepes) was born in Valencia (Spain) near 1600 and died in the same city in 1674.
He married Ana Heres, from a family of landowners of Valencia (Spain).

Yepes was intimately linked with the Corpus Christi College, one of the major Valencia's institutions.

Vicenta, the sister of Hiepes, was the owner of a confectionery shop, which may have inspired him to take the products of her store as models, as it might be the case for the Still-life of sweets and dried fruits or for the Still-life of deserts and flowers, which, in an other hand, are very inspired by works made in Madrid by Juan van der Hamen near the years twenty of the seventeenth century.

Although Hiepes painted religious paintings and landscapes, he mainly enjoyed fame and commissions from private individuals and from ecclesiastics for his still-life, his flower bunches and fruits baskets.

Due to the shortage of biographical data and signed works, until a recent period he was a unsung painter and considered of second rank, but recent research and the placing on the market of a great quantity of works (many of them unknown and others previously attributed to Blas de Ledesma, an enigmatic painter of Granada) have helped to correct his previous evaluation.

From the works which may be attributed to Hiepes, it is necessary to move apart those probably originally from Majorca, of a more archaic style and of a very inferior technique and also the attractive still-life of the "Pseudo-Hiepes" (also known as the Master of the Lombard Fruit Shop) a follower of Hiepes who with a mise-en-scene and an artificial lighting obtains almost unreal effects.

At the top of this page, you will find two paintings of Hiepes constituting a pair which belonged to the famous Naseiro's collection and are now at the Prado Museum.

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