Copy by Michel Mancini of the Triptych the Garden of Delights of Hieronymus Bosch - Left panel - The garden of Eden - (Detail)

Copy by Michel Mancini of Nastagio from Sandro Botticelli
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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
The Garden of Delights (Copy by Michel Mancini from Hieronymus Bosch) Left Panel - the Garden of Eden









Copy by Michel Mancini of the triptych the Garden of Delighs - Paradise panel

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The left panel represents the earthly Paradise.
The original measures 220 cm of height and 97.5 cm of width and the above presented copy measures the half of these measurements.

This panel may be divided into three parts :

the upper part with strangly shaped rocks from which swarms of birds are flying off.

the middle, where the pinkish Fountain of Life may be seen, and on the right of it the Tree of Good and Evil (a palm-tree) can be identified by the fact that the Tempter snake is winded around it.

the lower part, where there is a scene which is atypical because it does not represent the creation of Eve from Adam's rib, nor the way they behaved in the garden, nor the blames which followed the eviction from earthly Paradise, the unique themes related in the Genesis in relation with this event.

In this strange and original scene, God, Adam and Eve participate.
Adam is awake, which appears only in miniatures and God is presenting him to Eve, recently created.
God is represented in an old-fashioned way for the time of Hieronymus Bosch : with the appearance of Jesus-Christ.
Eve is kneeling on the ground and takes the hand of God.
Adam half recumbent is looking at the future sinner.
On his left, there is the Tree of Life, an exotic dragon-tree (Dracaena draco) and in the foreground a pond with animals which most of them are fantastic.

As in the central panel a world of lust is represented, this panel has been considered as the prelude of what will occur latter.

In what at first sight appears as the typical Eden, associated with the ideas of peace and tranquillity, if we observe a little, this idyllic scenario is spoiled.

Various signals of tormenting burst onto the stage.

Behind the Fountain of Life, on the right, animals confront each other : a lion has knocked down a deer and is about to eat it, a strange biped is pursued by a wild boar.

At the foreground, near the pond, conflicts beteween animals are occuring again : a leopard holds a mouse in his mouth and abird with teeth is eating a frog.

We use to consider these signs alien with Paradise peace as an annoucement of sin.

The feminine sin is eptomised by the creatures which are draging on the earth (insects and reptilians) or are swimming in water (amphibians and fishes), as, of the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) earth and water are considered as passive and fertile elements which, like the woman, receive semen.

The masculine sin is represented by beasts that can fly : flying insects, birds, bats, and so on, inasmuch as air is considered as an actve element, associated with fire and masculine, in opposition to earth which is feminine.

At the top of this page, on the right of the left picture, you have magnifying glasses. If you click on any of these magnifying glasses, you will access to the corresponding detail of the panel.

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Oil copy on canvas of the triptych the Garden of Delights by Hieronymus van Aaken known as Hieronymus Bosch at the Prado Museum in Madrid Oil copy on canvas of the triptych the Garden of Delights by Hieronymus van Aaken known as Hieronymus Bosch at the Prado Museum in Madrid Oil copy on canvas of the triptych the Garden of Delights by Hieronymus van Aaken known as Hieronymus Bosch at the Prado Museum in Madrid
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