Copy by Michel Mancini of Nastagio from Sandro Botticelli
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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
Copy by Michel Mancini of the Nastagio's story Episod 3 (Prado Museum Madrid) by Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510)

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The above photography is a copy oil painted by Michel Mancini on a canvas of the same dimensions of those of the original painted with tempera on wood by Sandro Botticelli (Height : 32 5/8 " - Width : 54 3/8 ").

This original is the third one of a cycle of four pictures painted to celebrate the marriage which united the Bini and Pucci families of Florence in 1483.

The four panels, precisely drawn with brilliant and warm colouring illustrate a novel from Boccaccio's Decameron.

In the above painting copy, a nude woman is pursued by an knight and being attacked by two dogs, which is disturbing a banquet which takes place near Ravena amongst the pines the trunks of which are used as structural components to separate the different scenes.

In the background to the right can be seen the tent to which Nastagio retired to mourn his fate to be rejected by the girl he loved.

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