Copy by Michel Mancini of Nastagio from Sandro Botticelli
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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
World-wide dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by A
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dirctionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter A.

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Hans von Aachen


Carl Aagaard


Slim Aarons


Johann Joseph Aarts


Masseot Abaquesne


Alberto Abate


Nicolo dell'Abate


Nicoló dell'Abate


Ercole dell'Abbate


Giuseppe Abbati


Louise Abbema


Edwin Austin Abbey


John White Abbott


Lemuel-Francis Abbott


Darvish Abdollah


L. Abeissonier


Jacobus Theodorus Abels


Johann Ludwig Aberli


J. Aberry


Anna Barbara Abesch


Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard


Robert Abraham


Rosema Abrahams


John Absolon


Charles Louis Acar


Eugène Accard


Georg Nicolai Achen


Johann von Achen


Andreas Achenbach


Oswald Achenbach


Johan Axel Gustav Acke


Paul Léon Aclocque


Cesare Felix dell'Acqua


Albrecht Adam


Bernd Adam


Eugen Adam


Franz Adam


Heinrich Adam


Hippolyte Adam


Joseph Adam


Joseph Denovan Adam


Julius Adam


Lambert-Sigisbert Adam


Nicolas Sebastien Adam


Patrick William Adam


Robert Adam


Simon Adam


Pietro Adamo


Ansel Adams


Charles James Adams


Emily Adams


George Adams


John Clayton Adams


John Quincy Adams


Peter Adams


Sheldon Burrows Adams


Suze Adams


Dorothy Adamson


John Augustus Adamson


W. Adamson


Joseph Poole Addey


Jodocus Sebasiaen Adeele


Luigi Ademollo


Alexander van Adriaenssen


Thomas Aeffner


Nicolaus van Aelst


Willem van Aelst


Flory Aerts


Pieter Aertzen


Charles d'Agar


Jacques Laurent Agasse


Hans Agersnap


Agostino Aglio


Joaquin Agrasot y Juan


Livio Agresti


Christoph-Ludwig Agricola


Eduard Agricola


Benito-Manuel de Aguero


Diego de Aguilar


Gines Andres Aguirre


Georgette Agutte


August Wilhelm Julius Ahlborn


Aenna von Aijin


William Aikman


Aimé Jules Dalou


Max Emanuel Ainmiller


Sir Robert Ainslie


H. Ainsworth


George II Aitchison


William Aitken


Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky


Joseph van Aken


Gyorgyi Giergl Alajos


Jacopo Alari-Boncolsi


Jean Alaux


Vaha Alaverdyan


Kani Alavi


Jean Antoine Alavoine


Vicente Alban


Jean Jacques Alban de Lesgallery


Francesco Albani


Jean François Albanis de Beaumont


Jacopo Alberegno


Johann Ludwig Alberli


Antonio Alberti


Mariotto di Bigio Albertinelli


Sebastiano de Albertis


Carl Albrecht


Luis Paret y Alcazar


Kasimir Alchimowicz


Hermann van  Aldewereld


Pietro Aldi


Cecil Aldin


Frederick James Aldridge


John Alefounder


Teodor Alekayavich


Fjodor Jakowlewitsch Aleksejew


Leonardo Alenza


Charles Alexander


Cosmo Alexander


Francis Alexander


Henry Alexander


John White Alexander


William Alexander


Ivan Alexandrov


Alessandro Algardi


Jean d'Alheim


Theodore Caruelle d'Aligny


Jim Alinder


Henry Thomas Alken


Samuel Henry Gordon Alken


Henry I Alken the Elder


Henry II Alken the Younger


Daphne Allan


David Allan


Sir William Allan


Patrick Allan-Fraser


Danielle Allard


Pierre Allard


Fernand Allard l'Olivier


Christophe Gabriel Allegrain


Etienne Allegrain


Jean Luc Allègre


Raymond Allègre


Francesco Allegrini


Fritz l'Allemand


Siegmund l'Allemand


Brent Allen


Joseph Allen


Sir William Allen


Jean Allenbach


Francis Alleyne


C. C. Allfrey


Helen Allingham


John William Allison


W. Allison


Thomas Allom


Auguste Allonge


Alessandro Allori


Cristofano Allori


Gilles Allou


Henry Curzon Allport


Washington Allston


Manuel Almagro


Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema


Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Gerhar Almbauer


Ester Almqvist


Robert Alott


Eusebius Johann Alphen


J. Alsina


Ramón Marti Alsina


Denis van  Alsloot


Denys van Alsloot


Franz Alt


Jakob Alt


Rudolf von Alt


Albrecht Altdorfer


Erhard Altdorfer


Gabrie Altevers


Josef Altheimer


Alexander Altmann


Karl Altmann


Martino Altomonte


Konrad von Altstetten


Francisco de Paula Alvarez


L. Alvarez


Eugenio Alvarez Dumont


Pietro di Alvaro


Theodor Aman


Jost Amann


Eugène Emmanuel Amaury-Duval


Wilhelm Amberg


Christoph Amberger


Maurice Ambler


Raphael von Ambros


Don Pedro di Figueredo Americo


Friedrich von Amerling


Jacopo Amigoni


Jost Amman


Karl Ammann


Bartolomeo Ammannati


Antonio Amorosi


Scott Amour


Samuel Amsler


Jan van Amstel


Auguste Paul Charles Anastasi


B. Ancelot


Anna Ancher


Michael Peter Ancher


Torello Ancillotti


Francesco Antonio d´Ancona


Vito d'Ancona


Hans Christian Andersen


Anders Andersen-Lundby


Cilius Anderson


John MacVicar Anderson


John Wilson Anderson


Percy Anderson


Sophie Anderson


Walter Anderson


William Anderson


Henry Anderton


F. d'Andon


Angel Andrade Blazguez


Jean André


Dietrich Ernst Andreae


Karl Andreae


I. Andréescu


Nikolajewitsch Andrei


Alex de Andreis


François Andreossy


Federigo Andreotti


C. W. Andrews


Henry Andrews


James Andrews


Alexander Andriessen


Hendrik Andrieszen


Pierre Andrieu


Clément Auguste Andrieux


Paolo Anesi


Alix d'Anethan


George French Angas


Philips Angel


Filippo d'Angeli


Filippo de Liano d'Angeli


Giuseppe Angeli


Heinrich von Angeli


Alesso Angelico


Pierre Angelis


Helen Cordelia Coleman Angell


Pierre Angillis


Pieter Angillis


Gian Battista Angolo del Moro


Charles Angrand


François Anguier


Michel Anguier


Sofonisba Anguisciola


Lucia Anguissola


Sofonisba Anguissola


William Louis Angus


Henrik Ankarcrona


Albert Anker


Ricardo Ankermann y Riera


Louis Anquetin


Georg Anschotz


Thomas Pollock Anschutz


John Ansdell


Richard Ansdell


W.P. Ansdell


Charles Ansell


Giorgio Anselmi


Antoine Ansiaux


Benedetto Antelami


Willem Anthonissone Anthonis


Hendrik van Anthonissen


V. Antier


Alexandre Antigna


Antoine Louis Antoine Louis Barye


Jose Antolinez


Pietro Antoniani


Salvo d'Antonio


Mihail Antonov


Alexej Petrowitsch Antropow


Aert van Antum


José Aparicio


Adolphe Appian


Andrea Appiani


J. Appleton


Rosa Appleton


Andris Apse


Thomas van Apshoven


Peter Nicolai Arbo


Olof Arborelius


P.G. Archainbaud


A. Archer


James Archer


Janet Archer


John Wykeham Archer


Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Juan de Arellano


Migdal Arellano


Arent Arentsz


Cesare Aretusi


Pellegrino Aretusi


Ivan Petrowitsch Argunov


Antonio Fernandez Arias


Abram Efimovich Arkhipov


J. Arlaud


Marc Louis Arlaud


Tom Arma


Louis Armand


Charles Edouard Armand-Dumaresq


Jean François Armbruster


George Armfield


Edward Armitage


Henry Hugh Armstead


Francis Abel William Taylor Armstrong


Thomas Armstrong


Charles Armytage


George Arnald


Alwin Arnegger


Eve Arnold


Harriet Arnold


Mona Arnold


Peter Arnold


Louis Jules Arnout


Floris Arntzenius


Toni Aron


Guariento d'Arpo


Jean d'Arras


Isidoro Arredondo


José Agustin Arrieta


Pedro Arrieta


Luis Graner Arrufi


François Artaud


Jacques d'Arthois


Reginald Arthur


David Adolph Constant Artz


Cosmas Damian Asam


Egid Quirin Asam


Maurice Ascani


E. Ascenzi


Pieter Jansz van Asch


Aniello Ascione


William Ashburner


Louis Asher


William Ashford


Arthur Ashpitel


Hans Asper


Amico Aspertini


Sarah Aspinall


Jan Asselijn


Jan Asselyn


Giovacchino Assereto


Eugène Assezat de Bouteyre


Franz von Assisi


Tiberio di Diotallevi d'Assisi


Bartholomeus Assteyn


Balthasar van der Ast


John Astley


Vasili Egorovich Astrakhov


Nikolai Astrup


Nicolai Astudin


Samuel Atkins


Caroline Louisa Atkinson


James Atkinson


John Atkinson


John Augustus Atkinson


Lawrence Atkinson


Rev. C. Atkinson


Thomas Witlam Atkinson


W. A. Atkinson


le baron Attalin


Sylvie Aubert


Georgina M. de l'Aubinière


David Aubrey


Claude Aubriet


Etienne Aubry


Louis François Aubry


Jean Francis Auburtin


Ch Auckenthaler


Lisa Audit


John James Audubon


Jakob Auer


F. M. A. Auerbach


Johann Gottfried Auerbach


Joseph Athanase Aufray


Marianne Augé


Joseph Augier


Jules Robert Auguste


Jean Baptiste Jacques Augustin


Giuseppe Aureli


Cassandra Austen


Ken Auster


Samuel Austin


Félix Auvray


Pauline Auzou


Jacques André Joseph Aved


Jacob C. Eduard Averberg


Barent Avercamp


Hendrik Averkamp


Jules Charles Aviat


Pieter van Avont


José Maria Avrial y Flores


Edouard Henri Avril


Meinrad van  Aw


Joe Axton


Thomas Brabazon Aylmer


James de Vine Aylward


Charo Aymerich


Fedele Azari


Massimo Taparelli d'Azeglio


José Azevedo

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