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World-wide dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by B
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter B.

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Hendrikus van de Sende Baachyssun


Johann-Michael Baader


Alfrida Vilhelmine Ludovica Baadsgaard


Carl Emil Baagoe


Charlotte E. Babb


Dirk Theodor van  Baburen


Baburen alias Dick


Dirck van Baburen


Il Bacchiacca


Marceli Bacciarelli


Nanni di Baccio Bigio


Alois Bach


Guido Bach


Otto Bache


Jean Jacques Bachelier


Francesco Ubertini Verdi Bachiacca


Hugo-Elias Bachmanssen


Il Baciccio


Sir George Back


Harriet Backer


Jacob Adriensz Backer


Jacques de Backer


Ludolf Backhuyzen


Joseph Backler


baron Louis Albert Bacler d'Albe


Henry Bacon


James Bacon


John Bacon


Sir Nathaniel Bacon


T. Bacon


Sisto Badalocchio


Giuseppe Badarocco


Joseph Badger


Derick Baegert


Cornelis de I Baellieur


Emilius Ditlev Baerentzen


H. Baert


Johann Daniel Bager


Stephen Baghot de la Bere


Giovanni Baglione


Joseph Richard Bagshaw


Jules G. Bahieu


Theodor Baierl


Antoine Jean Bail


Joseph Bail


David Bailey


Henry Bailey


Leon Charles Adrien Bailly


Edward Hodges Baily


Thomas Baines


William Baptiste Baird


Hermann Baisch


Wladyslaw Bakalowicz


Anthony Baker


Joseph Baker


Keith Baker


Mary Baker


Sir Samuel Baker


Thomas Baker


William Baker


William George Baker


Thomas Baker of Leamington


Julius Jacobus de Sande Bakhuizen


Hendrick van de Sande Bakhuyzen


John James Bakker


Alexander Hugo Bakker-Korff


Julius Bakof


Leon Nikolajewitsch Bakst


Ricardo Balaca


Thomas Tyrwhitt Balcombe


Filippo Baldinucci


Leonhard Baldner


James Walsham Baldock


Alesso Baldovinetti


Joshua Kirby Baldrey


G. Baldry


Matteo Balducci


Hans Baldung Grien


Brake Baldwin


Ryan Baldwin


Samuel Baldwin


Charles Thomas Bale


Edwin Bale


Hendrik I van  Balen the Elder


Hendrick II van  Balen the Younger


Lionello Balestrieri


Daryl Balfour


Wilfred Williams Ball


John Ballantyne


Jules Frédéric Ballavoine


Augusto Ballerini


Frederico Ballesio


Mogens Franscesco Hendrik Ballin


George Balmer


Wilhelm Balmer


Carl Balsgaard


Louis Pierre Baltard


Pieter Balten


Hans Baluschek


Betsy Bamber


Fritz Bamberger


Nicolo Bambini


Copplestone Warre Bamfylde


Henry W. Banbury


Elias Mollineaux Bancroft


Baccio Bandinelli


Michael Bandorf


J.O. Banks


Hamlet Bannerman


Cory Bannister


John Wilhelm David Bantelmann


Cristiano Banti


S. Baphista


J. Baptiste


Bonaventure de Bar


Miklos Barabas


Nicolo Barabino


Filippo Baratti


Ramon Barba


Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco


Jacopo de Barbari


Emil Barbarini


Gustav Barbarini


Jean Barbault


Charles Burton Barber


Joseph Barber


Joseph Moseley Barber


Thomas Barber


Michel Angelo Barberi


Eva Barberini


Thomas Barbèy


Georges Barbier


Jean Jacques François le Barbier


Giovanni Francesco Barbieri


Jacques Luc Barbier-Walbonne


A. Barboccio


Salvador Barbudo-Sánchez


Johann Hieronymous Barckhan


Edgar Barclay


John MacLaren Barclay


Muriel Barclay


James Bard


Alessandro Bardelli


Pietro Bardellini


Karl Wilhelm Bardou


Thomas Bardwell


Johannes Antonius van der Baren


Gael Barend


James I Barenger


James II Barenger


Filippo Barigioni


Friedrich Hartmann Barisin


Tommaso da Modena Barisino


Giuseppe Barison


Eric Barjot


Florence Emily Bark


Benjamin Barker


Gordon Barker


Hazel Barker


Joseph Barker


Thomas Jones Barker


Thomas of Bath Barker


Adams Barland


Francis Barlow


Frederick Barnard


Louise Barnard


Edward Charles Barnes


G. J. Barnes


Natasha Barnes


James D. Barnett


Frederico Barocci


Henri Baron


Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola


Jacques Barraband


George Hamilton Barrable


Rafael Perez Barradas


John Melchior Barralet


Reginald Barratt


Francis Barraud


François Barraud


Henry Barraud


William Barraud


George Barret


R. S. Barret


Jerry Barrett


John Barrett


Richard Barrett


S. Barrett


Thomas Barrett


Félix Joseph Barrias


Louis Ernest Barrias


Prosper François Irénée Barrigues


Hugh Barron


Manuel Barron y Carrillo


Edith Isabel Barrow


James Barry


John Barry


Sir Charles Barry


Hans von Bartels


Johann Wilhelm Barth


Gerard de la Barthe


Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi


Albert Bartholome


Valentine Bartholomew


Marius Bartholoty


Paul Wayland Bartlett


William Henry Bartlett


Lorenzo Bartolini


Samuel Bartoll


William Thompson Bartoll


Andrea di Bartolo


Taddeo di Bartolo


Bartolo di Fredi alias Manfredi de Battilori


Fra Bartolomeo


Martino de Bartolomeo


Fra Bartolommeo


Francesco Bartolozzi


Gaetano Stefano Bartolozzi


Rose Maynard Barton


William Barton


Philip Anton Bartsch


Pietro Barucci


F. Barucco


Victor Barvitius


Frederick Bacon Barwell


Antoine Louis Barye


Prassitele Barzaghi


Marco Basaiti


Evaristo Baschenis


Maria Konstantinova Bashkirtseva


James Basire


Ferrer Bassa


R. Bassa


Gerolamo Bassano


Jacopo Bassano


Bartolomeus van Bassen


E. van de Bassen


Dominique de Bast


Lazzaro Bastiani


Giovanni Bastianini


Jules Bastien-Lepage


Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine


Henry Bataille


Willem Bataille


Vasiliy Batashov


S. J. Batchelder


John Bate


James Bateman


Lucas Bateman


Robert Bateman


David Bates


Dewey Bates


Harry Bates


Pompeo Girolamo Batoni


Arthur Batt


Carlo Battaglia


Francesco Battaglioli


Gerrit van Battem


John Dickson Batten


Manfredi de Battilori alias Bartolo di Fredi


Robert Batty


Auguste Baud-Bovy


Joseph François Baudelaire


Nicolas Baudesson


Eugène Benoit Baudin


Amédée Baudit


Paul Baudry


C. Bauer


Johann Georg Bauer


Manuel Bauer


Gustav Bauernfeind


Lubin Baugin


Charles Baugniet


Paul Baum


Bruno Baumann


Peter Baumgartner


Johann Wilhellm Baur


Charles Baxter


George Baxter


Mary Baxter


Alfred Walter Bayes


Frederick T. Bayes


Ramon Bayeu


Francisco Bayeu y Subias


Ramon Bayeu y Subias


Fanny Jane Bayfield


Pjotr Baykov


Thomas Mann Baynes


Franz von Bayros


Frédéric Bazille


Caman Baziz


Giuseppe Bazzani


Luigi Bazzani


Thomas Beach


Charles Beale


Mary Beale


James Beard


William Holbrook Beard


Aubrey Vincent Beardsley


George Beare


Fra Beato Angelico


Charles Beaubrun


Henri Beaubrun


Jean Adolphe Beauce


Lady Diana Beauclerk


Jean Beauduin


Polydore Beaufaux


Jacques Antoine Beaufort


Joseph Beaume


Jean de Beaumetz


A. de Beaumont


Claudio Francesco Beaumont


Jaques Beaumont


Sir George Howland Beaumont


Andre Beauneveu


Amélie Beaury-Saurel


Richard Beavis


Domenico Beccafumi


Gaspar Becerra


Luigi Bechi


Lothar Bechstein


Jacob Samuel Beck


Josef Beck


Leonhard Beck


Carl Ludwig Becker


Ernst August Becker


Georges Becker


Harry Becker


Jakob Becker


Ludwig Hugo Becker


Car Becker-Bühr


Johann Beckmann


Peter Beckmann


James Carroll Beckwith


Louise Becq de Fouquières


Joaquin Dominguez Becquer


Ella M. Bedford


Francis Donkin Bedford


Paolo Bedini


Girolamo Bedoli alias Mazzola


John Beecham


George Duncan Beechey


Richard Brydges Beechey


Sir William Beechey


Andries Beeckman


Jan Karel Donatus van Beecq


Cornelis Beelt


Jan de Beer


Wilhelm Amandus Beer


Jan van Beers


Jan Beerstraaten


Abraham Beerstraten


Jan Beerstraten


Osias I Beert


Sybrandt van Beest


Abraham Hendrick van Beesten


Mrs Isabella Beetham


Cornelis Bega


Reinhold Begas


Carl Begas the Elder


Abraham Jansz Begeyn


Alexander Karlovich Beggrow


Karl Petrowitsch Beggrow


Bartel Beham


Hans Sebold Beham


William Behnes


V. Behr


Günter H. Behrens


Franz-Joachim Beich


William Beilby


Fritz Beinke


Antonio Cabral Bejarano


Juan Cabral Bejarano


W. Belch


Emile Belet


A. Belin de Fontenay


Jean Baptiste Belin de Fontenay


Arthur George Bell


Charles Bell


John Bell


Robert Anning Bell


Stuart Henry Bell


Gabriele Bella


Luca Bellandi


Hippolyte Bellangé


Jacques Bellangé


Thierry Bellangé


Camille Felix Bellanger


Sylvi Bellaunay


Charles Alphonse Paul Bellay


Alexis Simon Belle


Clement Louis Marie Anne Belle


Henri Bellechose


Alexandre Veron Bellecourt


Jean Bellegambe


Michel Bruno Bellenge


Ferdinand Bellermann


William Bellers


Henri Jules Ferdinand Bellery-Defonaines


Nicole Belletti


Luigi Belli


Charles Bellier


Jean François Marie Bellier


Gentile Bellini


Giovanni Bellini


Jacopo Bellini


Titian Bellini


A. F. Belloli


Pietro Bellotti


Bernardo Bellotto


Albert Fitch Bellows


George Wesley Bellows


Jane Bellows


Antonio Bellucci


Giuseppe Bellucci


Jacques Belly


Léon Auguste Adolphe Belly


Louise J. Sarazin de Belmont


José Belón


Ivan Belonogov


V. Belousov


David Belova


Andrea Belvedere


Bonifacio Bembo


Peter von Bemmel


Wilhelm von Bemmel


Ernst Benary


Charles Benazech


Federico Bencovich


Gyula Benczúr


Eduard Julius Friedrich Bendemann


Stanislaw Bender


Bernhard Axel Bendixen


Siegfried Detlef Bendixen


Wilhelm Ferdinand Bendz


Andries Benedetti


Marco Benefiale


Thomas Benham


Simon Bening


A. Benini


Juan Antonio Benlliure y Gil


Emmanuel Benner


Jean Benner


baron Karl-Stefan Bennet


Arnold Bennett


Newton Bennett


William Bennett


William Mineard Bennett


Adam Benno


Félix Benoist


Marie Guilhelmine Benoist


Jean Achille Bénouville


Léon Bénouville


Alexander Ritter von Bensa


Ambrosius Benson


Willem Guillaume Benson


Joseph Bensted


Louis Bentabole


Charles Bentley


Edward Bentley


Pietro Benvenuti


John Hodges Benwell


Joseph-Austin Benwell


Moïse Ber


Jean  Berain


Antoine Beranger


Emile Béranger


Ferry Beraton


Jean Beraud


Nicolaes Berchem


Narcisse Berchere


Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde


Job Adriaensz Berckheyde


G. W. Berckhout


Ramon Berenguer


Christian Berentz


Cecilia Melanie Beresford


Petrus Beretta


Adolf-Julius Berg


Josep Berga Boix


P. Bergaigne


H. Bergaignie


Francesco Bergamini


Carl von Bergen


Dirck van Bergen


Karl von Bergen


Abel Berger


Johann Christian Berger


Julius Victor Berger


Denis Pierre Bergeret


Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret


Edward Bergh


Sven Richard Bergh


Renate Berghaus


Charles van den Berghe


Dirk van Berghen


Johann Georg Bergmüller


Ambrogio da Fossano Bergognone


Steph Bergstrom


Tony François de Bergue


Antoine Berjon


Stanley Berkeley


Bonaventura Berlinghieri


Adolphe Bernard


Claude Bernard


Jacques Samuel Bernard


Jean François Armand Félix Bernard


Joseph Bernard


Francesco Bernardini


P. Bernay


C. S. Bernays


Gunnar Berndtson


Etienne Prosper Berne-Bellecour


Klara Bernhardi


Joseph Bernhardt


Maria Bernhardt


Gianlorenzo Bernini


Raphael Bernini


Rudolf Bernt


Louis Beroud


Gaspar Miguel Berri


Gaspar Miguel de Berrio


Alonso Berruguete


Pedro Berruguete


Jacques Bertaux


Hippolyte Berteaux


John Bertelli


Jean Simon Berthélémy


Pierre Emile Berthélémy


Paul Berthier


Auguste Henry Berthold


Paul Berthon


René Théodore Berthon


Jean Victor Bertin


Nicolas Bertin


Jacopo Bertoia


John Bertoncini


Alain Bertrand


Georges Jules Bertrand


James Bertrand


Aureliano de Beruete


Balthasar Beschey


Charles Beschey


Paolo Emilio Besenzi


Basilius Besler


Albert Besnard


Claude-Jean Besselièvre


Johann Jacob Besserer


Faustin Besson


John Best


Mary Ellen Best


Charles Bestland


Nikolai Alexandrovich Bestuzhev


Hermann Bethke


Bartolomeo Bettera


Bonaventura Bettera


John I Bettes the Elder


John II Bettes the Younger


Niccolo Betti


Joachim Beuckelaer


Robert Polhill Bevan


William Roxby Beverly


Carlo Bevilacqua


Thomas Bewick


Abraham van  Beyeren


Hermann Beyfus


Robert Julius Beyschlag


Jean Louis Bezard


Ivan Bezmin


Giuseppe Bezzuoli


Vincenzo di Biagio


Alice Biais


Mose Bianchi


Pietro Bianchi


A. Bianchi Ferrari


Francesco Bianchi Ferrari


Baccio del Bianco


François Auguste Biard


Franz Biberstein


Alessandro Bibiena


Ferdinando Galli Bibiena


Giuseppe Bibiena


Neri di Bicci


Ellen Bickerstaffe


Antoine Bidauld


Jean Joseph Xavier Bidauld


Jean Pierre Xavier Bidauld


Louis Bidauld


Cornelis de Bie


Erasmus de Bie


Johann Jakob Biedermann


Victor François Eloi Biennoury


H. Bieringer


Gottlieb Biermann


Sandra Biermann


Albert Bierstadt


Guido Bigarelli


Vittorio Maria Bigari


Diane Bigda


William Redmore Bigg


Domenico Tommaso Bigordi


Trophime Bigot


Sandor Bihàri


Jan van  Bijert


Jan van Bijlert


Marie Marc Antoine Bilcoq


Anna Bilinska


Giovanni Biliverti


Carl Bille


Pierre Célestin Billet


René Billotte


Cornelius Biltius


Jacobus Biltius


Bartolomeo Bimbi


Bartolomeo del Bimbo alias il Bimbi


Emile Bin


Francis Bindon


Adolphe Gustave Binet


Jean Baptiste Barthélémy Binet


Robert Bing


Valentin Bing


George Caleb Bingham


James George Bingley


Thomas A. Binks


Peter Binoit


Zefa Biotic


Thomas Birch


William Russell Birch


John Dearman Birchall


Edward Bird


Harrington Bird


Samuel C. Bird


Hugo Birger


Peter Birmann


Samuel Birmann


William Verplanck Birney


Bartolomeo Biscaino


Friedrich Bischoff


Jakob Christoph Bischoff


Cesare Biseo


Giuseppe Bernardino Bison


Abraham Bisschop


Christoffel Bisschop


Cornelis Bisschop


Andre Bitesnich


Pierre Bittar


Giovanni Bizzelli


K. Bjernkes


Eugen von Blaas


Julius von Blaas


Karl von Blaas


Johannes de Blaauw


Andrew Black


Stuart Black


Jemima Blackburn


Thomas Blacklock


William Kay Blacklock


Walter Blackman


Johan Blackstadius


Elizabeth Blackwell


John Blair


Candide Blaize


B. Blake


Peter Blake


William Blake


Ralph Albert Blakelock


Hamish Blakely


James Blakeway


Célestin Blanc


Joseph Paul Blanc


Louis Ammy Blanc


Charles Blanchard


Jacques Blanchard


Jules Blanchard


Maria Blanchard


Pharamond Blanchard


Louis Gabriel Blanchet


George Marquis of Blandford


Juan Manuel Blanes


Jacques Léonard Blanquer


Madame Blanqui


Henri J. van Blarenberghe


Jacques Willem Blarenberghe


Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe


Lily Blatherwick


Theodor Blatterbauer


James Blazeby


Karl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen


Richard van Bleeck


Herri met de Bles


Daniel de Blieck


Maurice Blieck


Jabez Bligh


Abraham van Blijenberch


Thomas Blinks


Christoph Bliss


Petra Blob


Carl Bloch


Matheus Bloem


Abraham Bloemaert


Hendrick Bloemaert


Jan Frans van Bloemen


Pieter van Bloemen


Arnoldus Bloemers


Gustav Wilhelm Blom


Maximilian Blommaerdt


Nils Blommer


Bart-John Blommers


Lanceloot Blondeel


Merry Joseph Blondel


Steve Bloom


Bart-John Bloomers


Pip Bloomfield


Peter de Bloot


Cheri Blum


Robert Frederick Blum


André Blumeau


Erwin Blumfeld


Ditlev Conrad Blunck


Lady Anne Blunt


Abraham Blyenberch


David Gilmour Blythe


Ernest Board


Paul Bobillet


Aleksei Alekseevich Bobrov






Gino Boccasile


Giovanni Boccati


Giovanni Boccatto


Umberto Boccioni


Mikhail Bocharov


Gregor von Bochmann


F. L. D. Bocion


Thomas Bock


Hans I Bock the Elder


Arnold Böcklin


Pedro Bocos


Nikolay Bodarevsky


Edwin Henry Boddington


Henry Boddington


Gabriele-Diana Bode


Leopold von Bode


François Archange Joseph Bodin


Karl Bodmer


Erik Bodom


Karl-Fridrikh Petrovich Bodri


Peter van Boeckel


Jan Boeckhorst


Karl Boegler


Joseph Edgar Boehm


Nicky Boehme


Peter Boel


Maerten Boelema de Stomme


Henry Boese


Christian Eduard Boettcher


Jakob Bogdani


Iwan Bogdanow


Jakab Bogdány


Jakob Bogdany


Frank Myers Boggs


Alexej Petrowitsch Bogoljubov


Alexander Bogomazov


Adolf Bohm


Pál Böhm


Ralf Bohnenkamp


Heinke Böhnert


Stanislaw Bohusz-Sistrzencewicz


David Boilat


Louis-Léopold Boilly


Sitri Bois


Charles Boulanger Boisfremont


Marie Felix Edmond de Boislecomte


Joseph Ferdinand Boissard de Boisdenier


Felix Boisselier


Jean Jacques de Boissieu


P. Boitet


Antoine Boizot


Louis Simon Boizot


Christian Ludwig Bokelman


Evert-Jan Boks


Ferdinand Bol


Hans Bol


Constantin Bolanachi


Giovanni Boldini


Hans Bollongier


Giovanni da Bologna


Melissa Bolton


Giovanni Boltraffio


Carl Bolze


Sebastiano Bombelli


Louis Bombled


Bernhard Bömke


Niccolo Bonaccorsi


Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi


Pacino di Bonaguida


Armand Joseph Bonamy


Bonannus de Pise


Carlo Bonaria


D. K. Bonatti


Carlo Bonavia


Roseta Bonbon


Celina Bonciani


William Joseph J.C. Bond


Egidio Maria Bondoni


Henry Bone


Julia Bonet


Benedetto Bonfigli


Maria-Rosa Bonheur


Ignace François Bonhomme


Giacomo Boni


Veronese Bonifacio


Adriano Bonifazi


Anton Agelo Bonifazi


Richard Parkes Bonington


Giuseppe Bonito


Léon Bonnat


Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat


Fereol Bonnemaison


Auguste Fréderic Bonnet


Denis Bonnet


Louis Marin Bonnet


François Bonneville


Eva Bonnier


Carlo Bononi


Egnazio Bonsignori


Francesco Bonsignori


Girolamo Bonsignori


Pierre Bontemps


François Bonvin


Jean François Bony


Aroldo Bonzagni


Nikolai Konstantinov Bool


Arnold Boonen


S. Boost


William Henry James Boot


William Booth


William Bootham


Jules Charles Boquet


Paulus Bor


Gerard ter Borch


Joseph Bordes


Paris Bordone


Guido Borelli


Francesco Borgani


Auguste Borget


Orazio Borgianni


Paul Borgmann


Ambrogio Borgognone


Juan de Borgoña


Aleksandr Alekseevich Borisov


Viktor Elpifidorowitsch Borissow-Mussatow


Carlo Borlenghi


Pieter Borm


Johannes Borman


Jacques Lieven Born


Pieter Born


Hans Bornemann


Robert Boron


Wladimir Lukitsch Borowikowski


Odoardo Borrani


Nicolas Borras


Luis Borrassá


Francesco Borromini


Giuseppe Borsato


József Borsos


Anthonie van Borssom


Mattia Bortolini


George van den Bos


Charlotte Bosanquet


Johannes Bosboom


Ernst Bosch


Hieronymus Bosch


Giuseppe Boschetto


Fabrizio Boschi


Andrea Boscoli


Felice Boselli


Friedrich Boser


Natalie Bosien


baron Bosio


Georges Bosio


Robert Ward van Boskerck


Johan Bosman


Abraham Bosschaert


Ambrosius Bosschaert


Jan D. de Bosschaert


Jean-Baptist Bosschaert


Johannes Bosschaert


Balthasar van den Bossche


Abraham Bosse


Francesco Bosso


Carlo Bossoli


John Bostock


Rafael Botella y Coloma


Andries Both


Jan Both


N. P. Both


Mikhail Petrovich Botkin


G. Botmann


Giuseppe Bottani


Nicole Bottet


Sandro Botticelli


Francesco Botticini


C. Bottigella


George Bottini


John William Bottomley


Edme Bouchardon


Prudent Léon Bouchaud


François Boucher


Louis Bouchet


Henri Bouchet-Doumeng


François Bouchot


Louis Bouchot


Pierre Boucle


Jacques le Boucq


Adrien Boudewyns


P. Boudewyns


Edouard Louis Boudier


Eugène Boudin


Samuel Bough


George Henry Boughton


Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau


William Adolphe Bouguereau


Etienne Bouhot


Michel de Bouillon


Pierre Bouillon


Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Boulanger


Louis Boulanger


Auguste Boulard


Marie Genevieve Bouliard


Louis I de Boullogne the Elder


Louis II de Boullogne the Younger


Louis de Boullongne


Bon de Boulogne


Valentin de Boulogne


Boulogne the Younger


Francis Cecil Boult


John Boultbee


Johann Bouman


Michel Honoré Bounieu


Jean Bourdichon


Frank Wright Bourdillon


Michel Bourdin


Sébastien Bourdon


Gustave Bourgain


Charles Guillaume Alexandre Bourgeois


Eugène Bourgeois


Sir Francis Bourgeois


Pierre Bourgogne


Marie Desiré Bourgoin


Claude Charles Bourgonnier


James E. Bourhill


James Bourne


Samuel Bourne


Eugene Bourrelier


Marc Théodore Bourrit


Esaias Boursse


Pieter Bout


Friedrich Bouterwek


Charles Edouard Boutibonne


Paul Emile Boutigny


Charles Marie Bouton


Aelbert Bouts


Pieter Bouts


Dieric Bouts the Elder


Jakob Bouttats


Augustus Jules Bouvier


Joseph Bouvier


Jules I Bouvier the Elder


Cornelius Bouwmeester


Gaston Bouy


Andre Bouys


André Bouys


Anne Bowen


Ashley Bowen


Edward Bower


Josephine Bowes


Jane Maria Bowkett


Thomas Bowles


Robert Bowyer


Peter Boy


George Price Boyce


Alexander Stuart Boyd


Pierre Boye


Eleanor Vere Boyle


Thomas Shotter Boys


Antoine Boyzot


Honore Boze


Honoré Boze


Joseph Boze


Nikola Bozidarovic


Théophile François Marcel Bra


Hercules Brabazon


Richard Brackenburgh


Marie Bracquemond


William Bradford


Basil Bradley


John Bradley


Mary Bradley


William Bradley


T. Bradshaw


Peter Bradtke


Mary C. Brady


Adrien Ferdinand de Braekeleer


Ferdinand de Braekeleer


William de Brailes


Anton Braith


Tom Brakefield


Richard Brakenburgh


Donato Bramante


G. Bramati


Leonard Bramer


Frank Bramley


Alfred Henri Bramtot


Carlo Brancaccio


John Brandard


Robert Brandard


Antonietta Brandeis


F.A. Brandel


Hans Heinrich Jürgen Brandes


Domenico Brandi


Giacinto Brandi


Gregorius Brandmüller


Gerhar Brandner


Jozef von Brandt


J. F. Branegan


Philip Brannon


Charles Branwhite


Charles Brooke Branwhite


Louis Braquaval


Georges Braque


Josef Emmanuelowitsch Bras


Hans Ole Brasen


Gilbert Brassai


Melchior Brassauw


Bill Brauer


Gerti K. Bräuer


Louis Braun


Reinhold Braun


Caroline Bray


Dirck de Bray


Jan de Bray


Joseph de Bray


Salomon de Bray


Osip Emmanuilovich Braz


Ludovico Brea


Mary Louise Breakell


William A. Breakspeare


Alfred de Breanski


Gustave de Breanski


Al Bert Breaute


Karsten Breckwoldt


Alexander van Bredael


Josef van  Bredael


Joseph van Bredael


Karel Bredael


Peeter van Bredael


Jan Peter II van Bredael the Younger


Ferdinand Max Bredt


Mathieu Ignace van Bree


Philipe Jacques van Bree


Adam van Breen


Bartholomeus Breenbergh


Andrea da Milano Bregno


Marquise de Brehan


Georg Hendrik Breitner


Elfriede Breitwieser


Theodor Breitwieser


Joos van der Breke


Quirin G. van  Brekelenkam


Quiringh Gerritsz van Brekelenkam


Auguste de la Brely


Meyer von Bremen


Albert Heinrich Brendel


Thorald Brendstrup


Nicolas Guy Brenet


Vincenzo Brenna


Michael Brennan


Michael George Brennan


Friedrich Brentel


Moretto da  Brescia


Rodolphe Bresdin


Marie Louise Breslau


Thomas W. Bretland


Emile Adelard Breton


Jules Breton


Louis le Breton


Daniel II Bretschneider the Younger


John Brett


Rosa Brett


Jörg Breu


John Ernest Breun


James Renwick Brevoort


Edward Frederick Brewtnall


Michael Brey


Karel Breydel


Charles Brias


Alfred Thompson Bricher


Frederick Lee Bridell


John Bridges


Frederick Arthur Bridgman


Bernaert de Bridt


Oswald Walter Brierly


Henry Perronet Briggs


Harry Bright


William Bright


G.M. Brighty


Paul Bril


Erik Brin


Philipp Hieronymus Brinckmann


Jean Brindesi


Charles A. Brindley


Gustave Brion


John Bristol


Edmund Bristow


Charles Edward Brittan


William Britton


Leinhart von Brixen


Alexandr Pawlowitsch Brjullow


Samuel Frederick Brocas


Sir Thomas Brock


William Brockedon


Theo van Brockhusen


Rev. John Wilfrid Royds Brocklebank


Charles Frederick de Brocktorff


Károly Brocky


Jozef Brodowski


Isaak Israilevich Brodsky


Sandor Brodszky


Clemence van den Broeck


Elias van den Broeck


Willem van den Broecke


Melchoir Broederlam


Eugene Broerman


Henry Brokman-Knudsen


Ferdinand Maximilian Brokof


William I Bromley


William II Bromley


William III Bromley


Richard Brompton


Jan Gerritsz van Bronckhorst


Johannes Bronckhorst


Feodor Andrejeitsch Bronnikov


Charlotte Bronte


Agnolo Bronzino


Francis Brook


E. Adveno Brooke


Catherine P. Brooker


Warwick Brookes


Charles Brooking


Henry Jamyn Brooks


Thomas Brooks


George Brookshaw


Jane Brookshaw


Hans Brosamer


Marie Renée Geneviève Brossard de  Beaulieu


Salomon de Brosse


Pierre Andre Brouillet


Adriaen Brouwer


Albertus D. O. Browere


Alexander Kellock Brown


Alice Brown


Charles Brown


Charles Porter Brown


David Brown


Edward Archibald Brown


Ford Madox Brown


George Loring Brown


Hayley Brown


John George Brown


John Lewis Brown


Joseph Brown


Mannevillette Elihu Dearing Brown


Mather Brown


Mia Arnesby Brown


Peter Brown


R.G. Brown


Thomas Austen Brown


William Brown


William Fulton Brown


Hablot Knight Browne


Henriette Browne


T. R. Browne


Charles de Wolfe Brownell


Emma Brownlow


G. Washington Brownlow


Jennie Augusta Brownscombe


Wenzel von Brozik


Wilhelm Brücke


Abraham Brueghel


Ambrosius Brueghel


G. Brueghel


Jan I Brueghel the Elder known as de Velours - of Velvet


Jan II Brueghel the Younger


Pieter I Brueghel the Elder


Pieter I Bruegel the Elder


Pieter II Brueghel the Younger known as of Hell


Pieter III Brueghel


Antonio de Brugada


Ricardo Brugada y Panizo


Jens Brüggemann


Hendrick ter Brugghen


Adam van der Brun


Charles le Brun


Gaston Brun


Louis le Brun


Louis Auguste Brun de Versoix


Augustin Brunais


Adolphe Brune


Christian Brune


Agostino Brunias


Emile Henri Brunner-Lacoste


Girolamo Brusaferro


Domenico Brusasorci


Paul Theodor van Brussel


Ferdinand Martin Cordt Brütt


Marc Laurent Bruyas


Antoine de Bruycker


A. Bruyere


Bartholomaeus Bruyn


Johannes Cornelis Bruyn


Theodore de Bruyn


Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder


Stefano Bruzzi


Theodore de Bry


Henry Charles Bryant


Joshua Bryant


Cornelis de Bryer


Robert M. Bryson


Aleksandr Pavlovich Bryullov


Karl Pavlovich Bryullov


Pavel Aleksandrovich Bryullov


Alexander Buchan


J.A. Buchanan


Josef Büche


Victor Buchereau


Heinrich Buchholtz


Heinrich Buchholz


Karl Buchholz


Ludwig Buchhorn


Pierre-Joseph Buchoz


Frank Buchser


Adam Buck


Frederick Buck


Lucy M. Buck


Alic Buckingham


Arthur Herbert Buckland


John Buckler


John Chessell Buckler


William Buckler


George Buckley


J. E. Buckley


Edwin Buckman


F. P. Bucknall


Richard Buckner


Gustav Jakovlevich Budkovsky


Joachim Bueckelaer


Joachim Bueckelaer


Jan Jansz van Buesem


Georges de Buffon


Giuliano Bugiardini


Benedetto Buglioni


A. Bugreyev


Félix Hilaire Buhot


J. Buiterveld


Jean Eugène Buland


Bartolommeo Bulgarini


Knud Geelmuyden Bull


Kamyl Bullaudy


George Lawrence Bulleid


Joh. Balthasar Bullinger the Elder


Henry Herbert Bulman


Henry William Bunbury


Jess Bundsen


Edgar Bundy


François Bunel


Marguerite Bunel


Denis Miller Bunker


John Wharlton Bunney


William B. Bunney


Heinrich Buntzen


Segna di Buonaventura


Giovanni Buonconsiglio


Bernardo Buontalenti


Richard Burchett


Ludwig Burckhardt


Lee Burd


Paul Bürde


Anton Burger


Hendrieus Jacobus Burgers


William Burges


Henry William Burgess


John Burgess


John-Bagnold Burgess


Hendrik van der Burgh


Annelies Bürgin


Hans Burgkmair tghe Elder


Max Buri


Johann Gottfried Buring


Giovanni Antonio Burino


Heinrich Burkel


Heinrich Bürkel


Georg Burmester


Eugène Burnand


Philip Burne-Jones


Sir Edward Burne-Jones


Benjamin Burnell


James M. Burnet


John Burnet


Sir John Burnett


William H. Burnett


Edward Francis Burney


Peter Burnitz


Alexander Hohenlohe Burr


John Burr


James Burrell-Smith


Giovanni Antonio Burrini


Henry Bryson Burroughs


Charles Thomas Burt


Arthur P Burton


Charles Burton


Rebecca Burton


Sir Frederick William Burton


William Paton Burton


William Shakespeare Burton


Friedrich Bury


Mrs Edward Bury


Friedrich Busch


Wilhelm Busch


Norton Bush


Yosa Buson


Federi Busonero


Robert William Buss


Joseph E. van den Bussche


Reuben Bussey


Giacomo Bussi


Gaston Bussière


Mary Bussing


Hermenegildo Bustos


Lodovico Buti


Ulysse Louis Auguste Butin


B. Butinone


Charles Ernest Butler


Gaspar Butler


John Butler


Lady Butler


Mary E. Butler


Butler of Pall Mall


Peter Butschkow


William Butterfield


Giovan Maria Butteri


James E. Buttersworth


Thomas Buttersworth


Charles Buttery


G. Hans Buttner


Abraham-Louis Buvelot


Cornelis Bernudes Buys


Jacobus Buys


Willem Pietersz Buytewech


Nikolai Mikhailovich Bykovsky


Jan van Bylaert


A. de Bylandt


Jan van Bylert


Jacques Byliveldt


Robert Byng


Anne Frances Byrne


John Byrne


Johann Rudolf Byss

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