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World-wide dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by D
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter D.

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Laurent Dabos


Frank Dadd


Richard Dadd


Bernardo Daddi


Jan Frans van Dael


Isidore Dagnan


Pascal A. J. Dagnan-Bouveret


Françoise-Reine Dagois


Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre


Carl Dahl


Johan Christian Clausen Dahl


Michael Dahl


Reiner Dahlen


Gerolamo dai Libri


Elliott Daingerfield


Richard Daintree


Paul Dalaroche


Eduardo Dalbono


David of York Dalby


John Dalby


Joshua Dalby


John Dalby of York


R. Dale


Jan van Dalen


Salvador Dali


Salvador Dalí


Nicolaj Thomas Dall


Aimé Jules Dalou


Michele Damaskinos


Ricky Damen


Louis Damesme


Vincenzo Damini


Giovanni B. Damon-Ortolani


Pierre Emmanuel Damoye


J. J. M. Damschroeder


Francis Danby


George Dance


Nathaniel Dance Holland


Bea Danckaert


Hendrick Danckerts


P. Danckerts


Cesare Dandini


Ottaviano Dandini


Pietro Dandini


Michel François Dandre-Bardon


Bartholomew Dandridge


Gottfried Danhauer


Joseph Danhauser


Abraham Daniel


Edward Thomas Daniell


Samuel Daniell


Thomas Daniell


William Daniell


Andries Daniels


F. Daniels


Matthew Daniels


Mikhail Vassilievich Danilov


Pietro Danini


Edward Thompson Danis


Henri Pierre Danloux


Léon Marie Constant Dansaert


Edouard-Joseph Dantan


Egnazio Danti


Vincenzo Danti


Victor Marie Félix Danvin


Joseph Friedrerik August Darbés


Step Darbishire


Drew Darcy


Robert Guillaume Dardel


Léon Dardenne


Jacques Daret


Jean Daret


Paul Joseph Victor Dargaud


André Henri Dargelas


Jean Edouard Dargent


Alfred Henri Darjou


Bishn Das


Maxime Dastugue


Johann Georg Dathan


Charles François Daubigny


Karl Pierre Daubigny


Honoré Daumier


David Dauncey


Alain Daussin


Adrien Dauzats


Antonio David


Ashley David


Gérard David


Jacques Louis David


Pierre Jean David d'Angers


Germain David-Nillet


R. W. Davids


Allan Douglas Davidson


Charles Grant Davidson


Thomas Davidson


Arthur Bowen Davies


Ben Davies


E.T. Davies


Holly Davies


Norman Prescott Davies


Thomas Davies


Cesarine Davin


Arthur Alfred Davis


Charles Harold Davis


Edward Thompson Davis


Frederick William Davis


Henry William Banks Davis


John Davis


John Scarlett Davis


Joseph Hilliard Davis


Kathleen Davis


L. Davis


Richard Barrett Davis


Samuel Davis


Stuart G. Davis


Tim Davis


Valentine Davis


William M. Davis


Albert Pierre Dawant


George Dawe


Alfred Dawson


Henry Dawson


Robert Dawson


Carl Daxl


W. Percy Day


Edward Dayes


Juan Antonio de Frías y Escalante


Lajos Deak Ebner


Peter Deakin


Edward Deanes


Paolo Andrea Deangelis


Charles Deas


William Deas


Charles Alexandre Debacq


Edouard Debat-Ponsan


Edouard Bernard  Debat-Ponsan


Alexandre Debelle


Charles Random DeBerenger


François Hippolyte Debon


René Charles Louise Debreaux


Jean Baptiste Debret


Philibert-Louis Debucourt


Henri Decaisne


Alexandre Gabriel Decamps


Cornelius Decker


Georg Decker


Joseph Decker


John I Decritz the Elder


John II Decritz the Younger


Wilm Dedecke


Alfred Dedreux


Alexandre Defaux


E. Defonds


Leonard Defrance


Franz von Defregger


Edgar Degas


Charles Jean Marie Degeorge


ChristopheThomas Degeorge


Ernst Deger


Wilhelm Degode


William Degouve de Nuncques


Leon Dehaisne


Georg Dehn


Alfred Dehodencq


Carl Friedrich Deiker


Matthaeus Deisch


Cornelis Gerritsz Dekker


Henri Delaborde


Léon Delachaux


William Delacour


Ferdinand Victor Eugène Delacroix


Pierre Maximilien Delafontaine


F. Delamonce


William Alfred Delamotte


Paul Louis Delance


Mary Granville Delany


Louis Delaporte


Paul Delaroche


Joseph Delattre


Jules Elie Delaunay


Robert Delaunay


Pierre Louis Delaval


Paul Josef Delcloche


Dirck van Delen


Dirck van Delen


Nicolas Louis Albert Delerive


Cornelis Jacobsz Delff


Jacob Willemsz Delff


John H. Dell


Georg Delling


Maurice Delondre


Anthonie Delorme


Philibert Delorme


Charles Edouard Delort


Hippolyte Camille Delpy


Jean Julien Deltil


Gabriel Deluc


Jean Delvin


Pierre Antoine Demachy


Guillaume Albert Demarest


Jean Louis Demarnette Demarne


Giles Demarteau


Wassily Kuzmich Demidov


James Demmick


Adrien Louis Demont


Charles W. Dempsey


Mark Demsteader


Eugene Denagers


Isaak Denies


Balthasar Denner


Jacob Denner


Jules Denneulin


Stephan Poyntz Denning


Dominique Vivant Denon


Rupert Arthur Dent


Pierre Simon Dequoy


William Derby


Alfred Derfla


Gyula Derkovits


Auguste Victor Deroy


Emile Deroy


Isodore Laurent Deroy


Claude Deruet


Charles Desan


Chevalier Louis William Desanges


August Joseph Desarnod the Elder


Charles Paul Etienne Desavary


Constant Joseph Desbordes


Marcellin Gilbert Desboutin


Gabriel-Alexandre Descamps


G. Deschamps


Louis Henri Deschamps


Louis Pierre Deseine


Madeleine Anne Deseine


Jean Baptiste Desgrange


Eugene Deshayes


Jean Baptiste Deshays de Colleville


Monsu Desiderio


Martin Desjardins


Jean Baptiste Frédéric Desmarais


George Desmarées


François Augustin Desmoulins


Louise Adelaïde Desnos


Jean Baptiste François Desoria


Alexandre François Desportes


Nicholas Desportes


Louis Jean Desprez


Claude Louis Desrais


Thomas Dessoulavy


Ramón Destorrents


Edouard Detaille


Maxime Dethomas


Charles Maurice Detmold


Henry Edward Detmold


Paul Emile Detouche


Cesare A. Detti


Olivier van Deuren


Niklaus Manuel Deutsch


Jean-Charles Develly


Willem Anthonie van Deventer


Walter Howell Deverell


Achille Deveria


Eugène Devéria


Henri Victor Deveria


Anthony Devis


Arthur Devis


Arthur William Devis


Guilliam van Deynum


Théophile Louis Deyrolle


Fra Diamante


Benedetto Diana


Virgilio N. Diaz de la Peña


Thomas Colman Dibdin


Frank Dicey


G. Diciano


Lowes Cato Dickinson


Aegidius Dickmann


John Robert Dicksee


Margaret Isabel Dicksee


Sir Frank Dicksee


Thomas Francis Dicksee


E. Didier


Jacques Didier


Jules Didier


August Tom Dieck


Marti Diederich


Anton Dieffenbach


Christiaen van Dielaert


Jakob Furchtegott Dielmann


Abraham Jansz van Diepenbeeck


Abraham van Diepenbeeck


Matthias Diesel


Adriaen van Diest


Johann van Diest


Willem van Diest


Johann Friedrich Dieterich


Johann Friedrich Dietler


Anton Dietrich


Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich


Theodor Dietz


Barbara Regina Dietzsch


Margaretha Barbara Dietzsch


Antoine Dieu


E. Dieudonné


Wilhelm von Diez


Denis Dighton


J. D. Dighton


Richard Dighton


Robert Dighton


Thomas Dighton


William Edward Dighton


Ans van Dijk


Philip van Dijk


Hendrick-Joseph Dillens


Johann Georg von Dillis


Frank Dillon


Julian Dimitrov


Etienne Dinet


Francesco Diofebi


Mary Dipnall


Auguste Dircks


Carl Edvard Diriks


Giovanni Battista Discepoli


Hendrich Dittmars


Gert Dittmers


Walte Divernois


Jeff Divine


Arthur A. Dixon


Captain Clive Dixon


Charles Edward Dixon


Antonio Diziani


Gasparo Diziani


Nikolai Dmitrievich Dmitriev-Orenburgsky


James Dobie


Nikolay Fjodorow Dobrovolsky


William Dobson


William Charles Thomas Dobson


Edward Docker


Arthur Charles Dodd


Daniel Dodd


Joseph Josiah Dodd


Robert Dodd


Theo van Doesburg


Robert Doisneau


Carmen Dolce


Carlo Dolci


Anton Doll


John Charles Dollman


William Anstey Dollond


Philipp Dombeck


Barb Dombrowski


Francisco Domingo Marqués


Antonio de Dominici


Cornelius Christian Dommelshuizen


Pieter Cornelis Dommersen


William R. Dommersen


Pieter Cornelis Dommerson


Andrew Benjamin Donaldson




János Donath


Gerrit van Donck


Mijnerts Herman Doncker


Dominique Doncre


Giovanni Donducci


Dionys van Dongen


J. M. Donne


William A. Donnelly


Georg Raphael Donner


Kelly Donovan


Maria Donovan


Numa Donzé


Brendan Dooley


Lambert Doomer


Jan van Doornik


Gustave Doré


Markus Dorfner


Niccolo Dorigati


Michel Dorigny


Johann Jakob Dorner the Younger


Jan van Dornicke


Anton Laurids Johannes Dorph


Dosso Dossi


Giovanni Battista Luteri Dossi


Fulvio Dot


Gérard Dou


Claudia Doucet


Henri Lucien Doucet


Gérard Douffet


Emmanuel Doufut


Thomas Doughty


Edward Algernon Stuart Douglas


Edwin Douglas


James Douglas


William Fettes Douglas


Gérard Doullet


P. Doutreleau


Valentin Louis Doutreleau


Jan Frans Douven


Heinrich Douvermann


Simon Johannes van Douw


Louis Douzette


John Dowland


Robert Dowling


Barry Downard


Ebenezer Newman Downard


Bernard Downes


Delapoer Downing


Isabella Downman


John Downman


Gabriel-François Doyen


Charles Altamont Doyle


Richard Doyle


Jean-Marie Melchior Doze


Holgar Drachman


Herbert James Draper


Heinrich Dreber


Karl Heinrich Dreber


Johann Baptist Drechsler


Richard Dreher


Joseph Dreppe


Christopher Dresser


Adolf Dressler


Clement Drew


Jerry Driendl


Johannes Adrianus Drift


Joe Drivas


Martin Drolling


Martin Drölling


Michel Martin Drolling


Cornelius Droochsloot


Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot


Willem Drost


François Hubert Drouais


Germain-Jean Drouais


H. Drummond


James Drummond


Lady Emily Drummond


Samuel Drummond


Johann Friedrich Dryander


John Drysdale


Hendrick Dubbels


Ambroise Dubois


François Dubois


Jean Dubois


Paul Dubois


Philippe Dubois


Albert Dubois-Pillet


Victoria Dubourg


Nikolay Nikanorovich Dubovskoy


Toussaint Dubreuil


Claude Marie Dubufe


Edouard Louis Dubufe


Guillaume Dubufe


Paul Dubufe


Jeanne Dubut


Jean Ducayer


Agostino di Duccio


J. Androuet Ducerceau


Pierre Maurice Raymond Duchamp-Villon


Jean François Duchateau


François Duchatel


Gaspard Duche de Vancy


Bartolomeo Duchio


Louis Ducis


Jacob Duck


Eugen Dücker


Teodoro Duclere


Joseph Ducreux


Abraham Louis Rudolph Ducros


Michael Dudash


Robert Dudley


Rene Dudot


Ernest Ange Duez


Fortune Dufau


Alexandre Dufay


Mary Elizabeth Duffield


William Duffield


Paul Dufresne


Charles Alphonse Dufresnoy


Raoul Dufy


Edgar Dugas


D. Dughet


Gaspard Dughet


Antonio Dugoni


Pascal Dugourd


Karel Dujardin


Etienne Dujardin-Beaumetz


Alfred Duke


Charles Marie Dulac


Sebastien Dulac


Yvonne Dulac


Pierre Dulin


Heiman Dullaert


Alain Dumas


Guillaume Dumée


Louis Michel Dumesnil


Daniel Dumonstier


Pierre Dumonstier


François Dumont


Jacques Dumont


Jacques Edme Dumont


Bon Dumouchel


Louis Jules Dumoulin


Edward Duncan


Thomas Duncan


Walter Duncan


Ada Dundas


Agnes Dundas


Balthasar Anton Dunker


Henry Treffry Dunn


Alexandre Hyacinthe Dunouy


John Dunstall


John Dunthorne the Younger


Johannes B. Duntze


Françoise Duparc


A. L. R. M. Duperraux


Jean Duplessi-Bertaux


Jacques Vigoureux Duplessis


Joseph Siffred Duplessis


Francis Leonard Dupont


Gainsborough Dupont


N. Dupont


Emile Dupont-Zipcy


Domenico Dupra


François Xavier Dupré


G. Dupré


Giovanni Dupre


Jules Dupré


Julien Dupré


Léon Victor Dupré


Louis Dupré


Philippe Félix Dupuis


Pierre Dupuis


Eugène Duquesne


François Duquesnoy


Diego Durán


Antoine Durand


Asher Brown Durand


Godefroy Durand


Lieutenant Durand


Jean Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager


Charles Durant


Faustino Durante


Friedrich Dürck


Albrecht Dürer


Hans Dürer


Joseph Durham


C. Durif-Bedel


James Durno


George Henry Durrie


Antoine Dury


Christiaen Jansz Dusart


Cornelis Dusart


Jean-Bernard Duseigneur


Balthasar van der Dut


Benjamin Duterrau


André Dutertre


Spottiswood Duthie


L. Duthielt


Edmond Duthoit


Henri Joseph Constant Dutilleux


Edward J. Duval


J. Duvall


Roger Duvall


Pierre Duval-Lecamus


Louis Jean Noël Duveau


Frank Duveneck


Théophile Emmanuel Duverger


François Duyck


Pieter Jacobsz Duyfhuysen


Gerhardt van Duynen


Isaac van Duynen


Wilhelm Cornelisz Duyster


Antonin Dvorak


Tit Yakovlevich Dvornikov


William Dyce


Abraham van Dyck


Sir Anrhony van Dyck


Floris Claesz van Dyck


Hermann Dyck


Philip van Dyck


Sir Anthonis van Dyck


J. L. Dyckmans


N. M. Dyudin

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