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World-wide dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by H
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter H.

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Carl Haag


Joris van der Haagen


Meyer de Haan


Meyer Isaac de Haan


Rob de Haan


Adriana Joanna Haanen


Georg Gillis van Haanen


Remigius van Haanen


Ernst Haas


Franz von Habermann


Hugo von Habermann


Wenzel Hablik


A. van Hackaert


Jan Hackaert


Arthur Hacker


Horst Hacker


Jacob Philipp Hackert


Gerhard Haderer


James Hadley


Rafal Hadziewicz


Willem van Haecht


Wille Haenraets


Jan van Haensbergen


Carlos Haes


Georg Haeselich


Marcus Johann Haeselich


Mathias Hafner


August Hagborg


Michael Christoph Hagelgans


Marilyn Hageman


Friedrich Hagemann


Karl Hagemeister


Bettina Hagen


Dingeman van der Hagen


Joris van der Hagen


Willem van der Hagen


Louis Haghe


Ludwig von Hagn


Eugene Hagnauer


J. Edward Homerville Hague


John Houghton Hague


Joshua Anderson Hague


Frank Hahn


William Hahn


Johann Jakob Haid


Syl Haigermoser


Johann Georg Hainz


Edward Matthew Hale


Philip Leslie Hale


Francisco de Paula van Halen


Klaus Halfar-Rüst


William Halfpenny


George Henry Hall


Harry Hall


J. B. Hall


Margaret Bernardine Hall


Peter Adolf Hall


Sydney Prior Hall


Thomas P. Hall


Charles Edward Halle


Claude Guy Halle


Noël Hallé


Samuel Baruch Halle


W. H. Hallett


Michael Frederick Halliday


John James Halls


Dirck Hals


Frans Hals


Harmen Hals


Jan Hals


Johannes Hals


Nicolaes Hals


Reynier Fransz Hals


Michae Halsband


Philipp Halsman


Elisab Halstead


F. Halsted


Keeley Halswelle


Horst Hamann


Johann Michael Hambach


Juan van der Hamen


Carl Wilhelm de Hamilton


Ferdinand Phillip de Hamilton


Franz de Hamilton


Gavin Hamilton


Hamilton Hamilton


Hugh Douglas Hamilton


J. C. Hamilton


James Whitelaw Hamilton


Johann Georg Hamilton


Johann Georg de Hamilton


John McLure Hamilton


Vereker Monteith Hamilton


William Hamilton


Edouard Jean Conrad Hamman


Alexis van Hamme


Daniel Hammer


William Hammer


Vilhelm Hammershoi


Jean Louis Hamon


Carl Hampeln


Charles de Hampeln


Hans Hampke


Johann Hamza


Mihajlo Hamzic


Hermann Han


Charles Hancock


Thomas Hand


Emanuel Handmann


Wim Hanenberg


Robert Hannah


William Hannan


Adriaen Hanneman


Adriaen Hannemann


Maximilian Hannl


Johann Hans


Josephus Gerardus Hans


Pieter van Hanselaere


Carel Lodewijk Hansen


Carl-Christian-Constantin Hansen


Günter Hansen


Hans Hansen


Hans Nikolaj Hansen


Heinrich Hansen


Henry W. Hansen


Herman Wendleborg Hansen


Max Hansen


Niels Christian Hansen


Pamela Hanson


Nils Severin Hansteen


George Haquette


H. Harcourt


Mary Lascelles Harcourt


Edmund Harris Harden


Charles Martin Hardie


Pieter Hardime


James Duffield Harding


John Jessop Hardwick


Anna Eliza Hardy


David Hardy


Dudley Hardy


Frederick Daniel Hardy


G. B. Hardy


George Hardy


Heywood Hardy


James Hardy Junior


Nina Hardy


Thomas Bush Hardy


Jabez Hare


Johannes Hari


Keith Haring


Evelyn Harke


Alexei Alexevich Harlamoff


George Henry Harlow


Mike Harman


Willems Witringa Harmen


Maurice Harmon


Anton Friedrich Harms


Johann Oswald Harms


William Michael Harnett


Rog de la Harpe


Henri Harpignies


Richard Harraden


Richard Bankes Harraden


Edwin Harris


Frederick G. Harris


Henry Harris


Joel Harris


Kevin Harris


Maeve Harris


Nolan Harris


Paul Harris


William E. Harris


James Harris of Swansea


Lowell Birge Harrison


Thomas Alexander Harrison


C. H. Hart


F. Hart


George Overbury Hart


James MacDougal Hart


James T. Hart


M. Hart


Solomon Alexander Hart


William M. Hart


Ulrich Hartig


Anton Hartinger


Carl Hartmann


Christian Ferdinand Hartmann


Frantisek Antonín Hartmann


Johann Joseph Hartmann


Ludwig von Hartmann


Heinrich Hartung


George Gunter Hartwick


George Harvey


Herbert Johnson Harvey


John Rabone Harvey


Sir George Harvey


J. Harwood


Johann Peter Hasenclever


Carl Georg Hasenpflug


Frederick Childe Hassam


Johann Heinrich Hasselhorst


Mabel Hastings


J. C. Hatchett


William Hatherell


Eduard Hau


Joseph Hauber


Johann Veit Hauck


Antoinette Cécile Hortense Lescot Haudebourt


Jean Jacques Hauer


Moses Haughton


Hendrik Manfried Haus


Günther Hauschildt


John Hauser


Rudolf Hausleitner


Friedrich Karl Hausmann


Franz Erdmann Häussler


Elias Gottlob Haussmann


Josef Hauzinger


Alfred Charles Havell


Daniel Havell


William Havell


Richard Havell the Elder


Robert Havell the Younger


Franklin de Haven


Alice Havers


J. P. Haverty


Bedrich Havranek


Simon Hawes


Louis Welden Hawkins


Nicholas Hawksmoor


Charles Webster Hawthorne


George Hay


James Hamilton Hay


William M. Hay


Benjamin Robert Haydon


Regnier de la Haye


Claude Hayes


Edwin Hayes


John Hayes


Michael Angelo Hayes


William Hayes


Francesco Hayez


James Hayllar


Kate Hayllar


Mary Hayllar


Francis Hayman


John William Haynes


John Haynes-Williams


William Jacob Hays


Max Hayslette


John Hayter


Sir George Hayter


Edward Haytley


Johnson Hayward


Sir William Haywood


John Hazlitt


Guy Head


Martin Johnson Heade


George Peter Alexander Healy


Thomas Frank Heaphy


Maud D. Heaps


Joseph Heard


Thomas Hearne


Margaret A. Heath


William Heath


Thomas Heatherley


Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert


Ernest Hébert


Claes Jacobsz van der Heck


Abraham van der Hecke


Jan van den Hecke


Anton Heckel


Samuel van den Hecken


Gerrit Willemsz Heda


P. de Heda


Willem Claesz Heda


W. S. Hedges


Ralph Hedley


Pierre Edmond Alexandre Hédouin


Cornelis de Heem


David Cornelisz de Heem


David II de Heem


Jan Davidsz de Heem


Jan Jansz de Heem


Egbert van Heemskerck


Jacoba van Heemskerck


Maerten van Heemskerck


Margarethe de Heer


Lucas de Heere


Thomas Heeremans


Minna Heeren


Gerrit van Hees


Franz Heesche


Rob Hefferan


Robert Hefferan


Karl Heffner


Carl Wilhelm von Heidick


Joseph Heigel


Brent Heighton


Franz Heigl


Daniel van Heil


Theodore van Heil


Ferdinand Heilbuth


François-Joseph Heim


Wolfgang Heimbach


F. Heine


Johann Adalbert Heine


Wilhelm Joseph Heine


Astrid Heinecke


Eduard Heinel


Erika Heinemann


Carl Adam Heinisch


Heinrich Heinlein


August Heinrich


Christ Heinrich


Ede Heinrich


Vitus Heinrich


Friedrich Heinrich der Niederlande


John Theodore Heins


Johann Ernst Heinsius


Joseph I Heintz the Elder


Susett Heise


Johann Heiss


August Heitmuller


Joseph Antonio Hekking


Abraham de Hel


Franz Thaddaus Helbling


Jeanne Marie Joséphine Hellemans


Pierre Jean Hellemans


Melchior Heller


Ruprecht Heller


Paul César François Helleu


Carl Gustaf Hellqvist


Marcel Helman


Howard Helmick


Matheus van Helmont


Matthäus van Helmont


William Helmsley


Bartholomeus van der Helst


Nicolaes de Helt-Stocade


Jan Sanders van Hemessen


Katharina van Hemessen


William Hemsley


Charles Napier Hemy


Edward Hendeman


Charles Cooper Henderson


Jan Henderson


Joseph Henderson


T. Henderson


W. S. P. Henderson


William Henderson


Joh Hendrickson


William Henesy


Paulus Hennekyn


Philippe Auguste Hennequin


Jean-Jacques Henner


Willia Hennessy


Gustav Adolph Hennig


A. S. Henning


Johann Friedrich Hennings


Christian Pram Henningsen


Erik Henningsen


Frants Henningsen


Robert Henri


Carsten Henrichsen


Edward Lamson Henry


Thomas Henry


John Henry Henshall


Richard Henson


Herman Henstenburgh


Thomas Henwood


Isaac Henzell


Nellie Hepburn-Edmunds


Alfred Herbert


Antoine Auguste Ernest Herbert


Isabell Herbert


John Rogers Herbert


Walter Herbert


Wilfred Vincent Herbert


E. B. Herberte


François d'Herbes


Leon Herbo


Thomas Ludwig Herbst


Jacobus Melchior van Herck


Robert Herdman


William Gavin Herdman


Jules Héreau


George Edwards Hering


Hubert von Herkomer


Sir Hubert von Herkomer


Auguste Joseph Herlin


Ludwig Hermann


Ellen Hermanos


Charles Hermans


Olaf August Hermansen


Olof Hermelin


Ch. Hermes


Daniel Hernandez


Francisco Hernandez y Tomé


Andreas Herneyssen


Johanna Helena Herolt


Willem II van Herp the Younger


Willem I van Herp the Elder


Carl Herpfer


Mike Herr


Saturnino Herran


Juan de Herrera


Francisco de Herrera the Elder


Francisco I Herrera the Elder


Francisco II Herrera the Younger


Benjamin Herring


F. R. Herring


James Herring


John Frederick I Herring the Elder


John Frederick II Herring the Younger


David Herrliberger


Philipp Herrlich


Johann Herrman


Oscar Herschend


Louis Hersent


Louise Marie Jeanne Hersent


Emile Antoine François Herson


Auguste Herst


Johann Caspar Herterich


Michel Hertrich


C. Herve


Louis Adolphe Hervier


Peter Herwegen


Veronika Maria Herwegen-Manini


Herman Herzog


Jacquemart de Hesdin


Heinrich Maria Hess


Hieronymus Hess


Peter von Hess


Alexandre Jean Baptiste Hesse


Hans Hesse


Hermann Hesse


S. Hesse


Otto Hesselbom


Gustavus Hesselius


Hans Andreasen Hessellund


Catherine Heuffer


Jacob de Heusch


Willem de Heusch


Anton Heusler Haussler


Eduard von Heuss


Gerrit van den Heuvel


Henry Hewitt


James Hewlett


Jean Hey Maître de Moulins


Martina Heyd


Jacob van der Heyden


Jan van der Heyden


Friedrich Nicolai Joseph Heydendahl


Arthur Heyer


Hans Olaf Heyerdahl


Gustaaf Antoon François Heyligers


Hendrik Heyligers


August Heyn


Louis Robert Heyrault


Samuel Heywood


Anton Hickel


Matthias Hickel


Thomas Hickey


George Hickin


Fritz Hickmann


George Elgar Hicks


Friedrich Peter Hiddemann


Joseph H. Hidley


Thomas Hiepes


Joseph Highmore


Jean Baptiste Hilaire


Adolf von Hildebrand


Eduard Hildebrandt


Ernst Hildebrandt


Jesse Jewhurst Hilder


Richard Hilder


Scott Hile


Carl Hilgers


Arthur Hill


Carl Fredrik Hill


Edward Hill


Elizabeth Jane Hill


George Hill


James John Hill


John William Hill


Martin Hill


Meg Hill


Michael Jo Hill


Mrs Frederick Hill


Thomas Hill


Pauwels I van Hillegaert


Heinrich Hiller


Per Hillestrom


Lawrence Hilliard


Nicholas Hilliard


Robert Alexander Hillingford


Robert Hills


William II Hilton


Henry George Hine


Julius Hintz


Johann Ferdinand Julius Hintze


Georg Hinz


Félix Hippolyte-Lucas


Marcos Hiraldez de Acosta


Laurent de la Hire


Louis de la Hire


Adolph Hiremy-Hirschl


Ando I Hiroshige


Ando II Hiroshige


Ando III Hiroshige


Auguste Alexandre Hirsch


Hermann Hirsch


Emil Benediktoff Hirschfeld


Thomas Hirschmann


Augustin Hirschvogel


Rudolf Hirth du Frênes


George Hitchcock


Dora Hitz


Anton Hlavacek


H. Hoare


William of Bath Hoare


Meindert Hobbema


Frank Hobden


Henry Hobson


Heinz Hock


Johan Fredrik Hockert


Edmund Höd


Arne Hodalic


Léon Auguste César Hodebert


Spencer Hodge


William Hodges


Clement Hodgkinson


David Hodgson


John Evan Hodgson


Walker Hodgson


Ferdinand Hodler


Samuel John Hodson


Johann Baptist Hoechle


Johann Nepomuk Hoechle


Gaspar van der Hoecke


Jan van den Hoecke


Kasper van der Hoecke


Peter Hoecke


Robert van den Hoecke


Abraham van der Hoef


Joris Hoefnagel


Paul Hoeniger


Gérard Hoet


Emile Hoeterickx


Johann Georg Hoettinger


Jan van Hoey


Janos Hofbauer


Carl Heinrich Hoff


Theodor Josef Hubert Hoffbauer


Felicita Hoffmann


Hans Hoffmann


Nicolas Hoffmann


C. L. Hoffmeister


Johann Wilhelm Hoffnas


Thomas Christopher Hofland


Roel Hofman


Ekkehar Hofmann


Jürgen Hofmann


Samuel Hofmann


Johann Wilhelm Hofnaas


Johann Baptist Hofner


Ines Höfs


William Hogarth


Joseph Hoger


Charles Hoguet


V. Hoier


Ambrosius Holbein


Hans I Holbein the Elder (Text in Spanish but with a gallery of paintings)


Hans II Holbein the Younger


Abel Hold


S. Holden


Edward Henry Holder


Franz van Holder


Henry James G. Holding


Ransome Gillette Holdredge


William Brassey Hole


Thomas W. Holgate


Henry Holiday


Klaus Holitzka


Frank Holl


F. Mabel Hollams


Henry Holland


James Holland


John Holland


Roderich von Holland


Rodrigo of Holland


Wenceslaus Hollar


Heiko Höllings


Simon Hollosy


Charles Edward Holloway


Eva Hollyer


Per Daniel Holm


Francis Holman


Robert Holman


George Augustus Holmes


T. Holroyd


Carl Holsoe


Niels Holsoe


Johann Holst


Theodor M. von Holst


Josef Holstayn


Cornelius Holsteyn


Pieter II Holsteyn the Younger


Edwin Frederick Holt


Ludwig Holthausen


Rowland Holyoake


George Holz


Adolf Hölzel


Johann Evangelist Holzer


Gabr Holzhausen


Robert Home


Winslow Homer


Gillis Claesz d'Hondecoeter


Gysbert Hondecoeter


Melchior de Hondecoeter


Abraham Danielsz Hondius


Lambert de Hondt


John Camillus Hone


Nathaniel Hone


Gerrit van Honthorst


Willem van Honthorst


Horatius Hooch


Pieter de Hooch


Albert Hood


Engel Hoogerheyden


Samuel van Hoogstraten


Allan J. Hook


James Clarke Hook


Anne Hooke


Joseph Dalton Hooker


William Hooker


Berthe Hoola van Nooten


Fiona Hoop


John Horace Hooper


Michael Hopf


Arthur Hopkins


Edith Hopkins


Francis Powell Hopkins


W. H. Hopkins


Edward William John Hopley


John Hoppner


Gwendoline Mary Hopton


Henry Silkstone Hopwood


Hector Horeau


Jan Josef I Horemans


Jan Josef II Horemans


Peter Jakob Horemans


George W. Horlor


Theodor von Hormann


Thomas L. Hornbrook


Edward Atkinson Hornel


Christian Hornemann


Franz Horny


Leopold Stephan Horovitz


Hopkins Horsley Hobday Horsley


John Calcott Horsley


Hajo Horstmann


William Samuel Horton


Helena Horwitz


Michio Hoshino


Amanda Hoskin


John I Hoskins


John II Hoskins


Jean Nicolas l'Hôte


Michel-Ange Houasse


René Antoine Houasse


Arnold Houbraken


Frédéric Anatole Houbron


Gerrit Houckgeest


Henricu Houdius


Jean Antoine Houdon


Jean Pierre Houel


Nicolas Houel


William B. Hough


Arthur Boyd Houghton


John Houlditch


Charles Housez


John Adam P. Houston


Richard Houston


Jacques Houzeau


Hubertus van Hove


Beatrice How


9th Earl of Carlisle Howard


Henry Howard


Joseph Howard


W. Howard


James Howe


Samuel Howell


W. Howell


Samuel Howett


Samuel Howitt


Thomas Fisher Hoxton


Philip Hoyoll


Albena Hristova


Conrad Huber


Jean Huber


Léon Charles Huber


Rudolf Carl Huber


Wolf Huber


Johann Rudolf Huber the Elder


J. Huberts


Emile Auguste Hublin


Carl Hubner


Carl Hübner


Julius Hübner


Leonhart Hubner


Jan van Huchtenberg


Jan van Huchtenburgh


George Huddesford


Ellen Hudson


Henry John Hudson


Thomas Hudson


Charles Desiré Hue


Jean François Hue


Jules Huebner


Juan de la Huerta


Jean-Baptiste Huet


Paul Huet


William Huggins


William John Huggins


Arthur Foord Hughes


Edward Hughes


Edward Robert Hughes


Edwin Hughes


Manuel Hughes


Nathan Hughes


Thomas John Hughes


Trajan Hughes


William Hughes


Adèle Julie Hugo


Georges Hugo


Pierre Honoré Hugrel


Jan van Hugthenburgh


Jaume Huguet


Victor-Pierre Huguet


Abraham Hulk


Johannes Frederick Hulk


John Frederick Hulk


William Hull


Frederick William Hulme


Jacob van Hulsdonck


Frans de Hulst


Maerten Fransz van der Hulst


Theresa Hültner


W. Humber


Jacques Fernand Humbert


Baron Friedrich von Humboldt


Adolf Humborg


Edith Hume


Johann Erdmann Hummel


Winifred Humphery


Hannah Humphrey


Ozias Humphry


Friedensreich Hundertwasser


Thomas H. Hunn


Karlis Fridikh Huns


Alfred William Hunt


Arthur Ackland Hunt


Charles Hunt


E. Aubrey Hunt


Mike Hunt


William Henry Hunt


William Holman Hunt


Johann Emil Hünten


Colin Hunter


Elizabeth Hunter


George Leslie Hunter


George Sherwood Hunter


James Hunter


John Hunter


Lieutenant James Hunter


Robert Hunter


Virg Huntington


Louis Bosworth Hurt


Robert Huskisson


Giles Hussey


William Huston


G. Hutchinson


J. Hutchison


Urbanus Huter


Petra Hüther


Charles François Hutin


Walter C. Strich Hutton


Richard Huttula


Pieter Huys


Jacob Huysmans


Jan-Baptist Huysmans


Pieter Huyssens


Jan van Huysum


Vojtech Hynais


Laurent de la Hyre


Louis de la Hyre


Marguerite de la Hyre


Hans Hysing

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