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World-wide Dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by L
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter L.

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Jasper van der Laanen


Emanuel Labhardt


Adélaide Labille-Guiard


Emile Edme Laborne


Juan de Labrador


Carlo Labruzzi


Demeter Laccataris


Francisco Lacoma


Georges Lacombe


Pierre Lacour


Jean Edouard Lacretelle


Charles François Lacroix de Marseille


Pierre Lacur


Charles John de Lacy


Gérard Lacz


John Berney Ladbrooke


Robert Ladbrooke


Edward Ladell


Ellen Ladell


Adolf Ladurner


Pieter van Laer


Augusta Laessoe


Gustav Laeverenz


Prosper Lafait


John Lafarge


Prosper Lafaye


Louis Lafitte


Cécile Berthe Lafosse


Gabriel Amable de Lafoulhouze


Niclas II Lafrensen


Antonio Lafreri


Luis Lagarto


Eugène Lagier


Olga Antonova Lagoda-Shishkina


Lew Felixowitsch Lagorio


Anthelme François Lagrenée


Louis François Lagrenée


Jean Jacques II Lagrenée the Elder


Jean Jacques I Lagrenée the Younger


John Laguerre


Alexis Marie Lahaye


William Ward Laing


Jean Louis César Lair


Campbell Laird


Gérard de Lairesse


Gérard de la Lairesse


Paul Lairesse


Henri Adolphe Laissement


Jacques Lajoue


Oscar Lakeman


Jacques de Lalaing


François Hippolyte Lalaisse


Louise Lalande


Maxime Lalanne


Jean Baptiste Lallemand


Giulia Lama


Madame de Lamartine


George Cochran Lambdin


Jules Lambeaux


Albert Lambert


E. F. Lambert


Eugène Lambert


George Lambert


George Washington Lambert


Louis Eugène Lambert


Maurice Walter Edmond de Lambert


S. Lambert


Emile Lambinet


Jan Baptist Lambrechts


Christof Jacobsz van der Lamen


Christoffel Jacobsz van der Lamen


Jasper van der Lamen


Francisco Lameyer


Claudio Lami


Eugène Louis Lami


Ernest Lami de Nozan


Ary Johannes Lamme


Thomas Reynolds Lamont


François Lamorinière


Giovanni Battista Lampi


Jan Chrzciciel Lampi the Elder


Ludovico Lana


Richard Hume Lancaster


Eveline Lance


Manuel Lance


Egisto Lancerotto


Baldassare Lanci


Auguste André Lancon


Joseph Ferdinand Lancrenon


Nicolas Lancret


Victor Patricio Landaluce


Charles Landelle


Robert Thomas Landells


Christian Landenberger


Federico Landi


Gaspare Landi


Andrea Landini


Charles Paul Landon


F. Landsberg


Charles Landseer


George Landseer


Sir Edwin Henry Landseer


Nicolaus Alexander Mair von Landshut


Jan Baptiste de Landtsheer


Fitz Hugh Lane


Theodore Lane


Jasper van der Lanen


Jean Louis Laneuville


Giovanni Lanfranco


Louis Lang


Rob Lang


Antoni Lange


Edward Lange


Erin Lange


Joseph Lange


Ludwig Lange


Dirk Langendyk


Johann Peter von Langer


Gian Battista Langetti


Pascal Langevin


Jörg Langhans


Dietrich Langko


Josef Langl


Jean Baptiste Gabriel Langlace


Walter Langley


Jean Charles Langlois


Jérome Martin Langlois


Mark Langlois


Hans Langner


François Langrenée


Félix Hippolyte Lanoue


François Emile de Lansac


Emmanuel Lansyer


Simon Mathurin Lantara


Frans Lanting


Peter Lanzinger


Niccolo Francesco Lapi


P. Lapira


George Henry Laporte


John Laporte


Pierre Laprade


Georgina Lara


James Large


Nicolas de Largilliere


Nicolas de Largillière


Charles Philippe Auguste de Larivière


Charles-Philippe Lariviere


William Larkin


Armand Laroche


Marcellus I Laroon the Elder


Marcellus II Laroon the Younger


Guillaume Larrue


Carl Johan Larsen


Knud Erik Larsen


Marcus Larson


Carl Larsson


Nils A. Larsson


Juan Lascano


G. Lasellaz


Johann Adolf Lasinsky


Emile Lassalle


Hans August Lasser


Charles Lasteyrie du Saillant


Pieter Lastman


François Vincent Mathieu Latil


François Adrien Grasognon Latinville


Benjamin Henry Latrobe


Charles James Lauder


Josef Lauer


Désiré François Laugée


Francesco Laurana


Luciano Laurana


Jules Laure


Samuel Laurence


Sidney Laurence


Jean Joseph Bonaventure Laurens


Jean Paul Laurens


Jean-Pierre Laurens


Jules Joseph Augustin Laurens


Paul Albert Laurens


Ernest-Joseph Laurent


Jean Antoine Laurent


Henri Alphonse Louis Laurent-Desrousseaux


Tommaso Laureti


Filippo Lauri


Charles Laval


Jean-Michel Laval


Pierre Louis de Laval


Alphonse Lavaudan


Ludwig de Laveaux


Ludwik de Laveaux


I. A. Lavrov


Matthew James Lawless


John Lawrence


Samuel Lawrence


Sir Thomas Lawrence


Cecil Gordon Lawson


Ernest Lawson


John Lawson


Fortuné Joseph Séraphin Layraud


Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges


Paul John Baptiste Lazerges


Sebastiano Lazzari


Gregorio Lazzarini


Benjamin Williams Leader


James Leakey


Fernando Leal


Charles Léandre


Edward Lear


Charles Leaver


Lucy Ann Leavers


Louis Hippolyte Lebas


Klawdij Wassiljewitsch Lebedjeff


Charles Jacques Lebel


Horace Leblanc


Richard Leblanc


Théodore Leblanc


Albert Lebourg


Louis Lebreton


Jean Baptiste Lebrun


Edmond Lechevallier-Chevignard


Léon Louis Leclaire


Victoire Leclaire


Jean Leclerc


Sébastien Leclerc


Edmond Leclerq


Hippolyte Lecomte


Paul Lecomte


Victor Lecomte


Jean Jules Antoine Lecomte du Nouey


Jacques Leconte


C. F. Ledebour


Moritz Ledeli


Christof Lederwasch


Blas de Ledesma


Anna Lee


Anthony Lee


Cheryl Lee


Frederick Richard Lee


James N. Lee


James R. Lee


John J. Lee


Spencer Lee


William Lee


John Leech


Raymond Leech


Ferdinand Leeke


Antonius Leemans


Johannes Leemans


Thomas Leemans


Cornelis van Leemputten


T. Leemputten


Willem van Leen


Cornelius van Leeputten


David Lees


Derwent Lees


F. J. Lees


Alexis de Leeuw


Gerrit Van Leeuwen


Charles Lefebvre


Claude Lefebvre


Jules Joseph Lefebvre


Robert Lefevre


Silke Leffler


Jean Louis Lefort


Silvestro Lega


Anton Michailow Legaschoff


Léon Legat


Rowley Leggett


Stefano Maria Legnani


Fernand Legout-Gérard


Pierre Nicolas Legrand


Amélie Legrand de Saint-Aubin


Frederic Legrip


Alphonse Legros


Pierre Legros


Laurel Lehman


Henri Lehmann


Kai Lehmann


Wilhelm Auguste Rudolf Lehmann


Wilhelm Lehmbruck


Wilhelm Maria Hubertus Leibl


Charles Henri Joseph Leickert


Poto Leifi


Ethel Leigh


Edmund Blair Leighton


Frederic Leighton


Wilhelm Leisten


Walter Leistikow


Richard Principal Leitch


William Leighton Leitch


Henry Lejeune


Louis Lejeune


Adolphe Pierre Leleux


Adriaen de Lelie


Cornelis van Lelienbergh


Alexandre Louis Leloir


Héloïse Leloir


Sir Peter Lely


Jacques François Lemaire


Jean Lemaire


Louis Marie Lemaire


Madeleine Lemaire


Pierre Lemaire


Pierre Lemaire-Poussin


Léon Lemaître


Yuri Yakovlevich Leman


Georg Lemberger


Georges Lemmen


C. Lemmermayer


Kirill Wikentjewitsch Lemoch


Arthur Lemon


Gabriel Lemonnier


François Fréderic Lemot


François Lemoyne


Jean Baptiste Lemoyne


Edmond Lempereur


Tamara de Lempicka


Charles Lenars


Franz von Lenbach


Jules Eugène Lenepveu


François Louis Lenfant


Pierre Lenfant


Alexandre Marie Lenoir


André Lenoir


Charles Amable Lenoir


Andreas Lens


Andries Lens


Bernard III Lens


Jan Lens


Paul-Peter Lens


Lance Lensfield


Johann Jakob von Lentz


Ignacio León y Escosura


Agathon Leonard


J. Leonard


John Henry Leonard


José Leonardo


Jusepe Leonardo


Lorenzo Leonbruno


Angiola Leone


Ludovico Leone


Eduard Leonhardi


Leone Leoni


Ottavio Mario Leoni


Wilhelm Leopolski


François Gabriel Guillaume Lepaulle


Jean Lepautre


Pierre Lepautre


Auguste Lepère


Nicolas-Bernard Lepicie


Ferdinand Lepie


Stanislas Lépine


Eugène Modeste Edmond Lepoittevin


Louis Lepoittevin


Carl Seb Lepper


Marcel Leprin


Auguste-Xavier Leprince


Léopold Leprince


Prudent Louis Leray


Henri Lerolle


Louis Hector Leroux


Etienne Leroy


Jules Leroy


Louis Lesanges


Charles Leslie


Charles Robert Leslie


George Dunlop Leslie


Jean Lespinasse


Louis-Nicolas de Lespinasse


Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel


Tito Lessi


Carl Friedrich Lessing


Léon de Lestang-Parade


Jacques Philippe Lesueur


Pierre Antoine Lesueur


Albert Letchford


Pierre Letellier


Philipp Letestu


Guillaume Lethière


Antonino Leto


Louis René Letronne


F. Lettie


I. Letunow


Hippolyte Lety


Augustus Wilhelm Leu


Hans Leu


Michael Leu


Louis Félix Leullier


Emanuel Leutze


Friedrich de Leuw


Frans Leux


John Levack


Petr Levchenko


Phoebus Levin


Andrew Levine


Dmitri Grigor'evich Levitsky


Robert Levrac de Tournières


Nicolas Levreince


Emile Lévy


Henri Lévy


John William Lewin


Stephen Lewin


Charles James Lewis


Edmund Darch Lewis


Frederick S. Lewis


George Leonard Lewis


Henry Lewis


J. Hardwicke Lewis


John Frederick Lewis


Judith Lewis


Isaak Iljitsch Lewitan


Dimitrij Grigorjewitsch Lewizkij


Danilo Lex


S. J. van der Ley


Otto Leyde


Lucas van Leyden


Nikolaus Gerhaert von Leyden


Mathias Leyendecker


Carl Julius von Leypold


baron Leys


Judith Leyster


Léon Augustin Lhermite


Charles Marie Lhuillier


Kevin Liang


Gottfried Libalt


Hervé Libaud


Pietro Liberi


Georg Emil Libert


Louis Licherie de Beuron


And Lichtenberg


Wilhelm Lichtenheld


Roy Lichtenstein


Bernardino Licinio


Charles Sillem Lidderdale


Max Liebermann


Carl-Hein Lieck


Charles Henri Joseph Lieckert


Loyset Liédet


Josse Lieferinxe


Paul Liégeois


Nicolaas de Liemakere


Adolf Heinrich Lier


Jan Lievens


Sándor Liezen-Mayer


Antal Ligeti


Colonel William Light


Piero Ligorio


Pirro Ligorio


Bartolomeo Ligozzi


Francesco Ligozzi


Giacomo Ligozzi


Jacopo Ligozzi


Heinrich Lihl


Gijsbrecht Lijtens


Peter Lik


Andrea Lilio


Arvid Liljelund


Andreas Lillienberg


Edmund Lilly


Brüder von Limburg


Léonard Limousin


Louis M. A. Linant de Bellefonds


Jacques Linard


Hazel Lincoln


Gottfried Lindauer


Adriaen van der Linde


Hermann Linde


Amalia Lindegren


Wilhelm von Lindenschmidt the Younger


Wilhelm I Lindenschmit the Elder


Amalia Lindergren


Berndt Lindholm


John Lindley


Julius Lindner


Sir Coutts Lindsay


Frederick Joseph Butler Lines


S. R. Lines


Eléonore Linet


Johannes Lingelbach


Otto Theodor Gustav Lingner


Carl Linnaeus


James Thomas Linnell


John Linnell


William Linnell


Egidius Linnig


Willem Linnig


Adolf Lins


Hendrik van Lint


Peter van Lint


Jacobus Linthorst


Johannes Linthorst


Sir James Dromgole Linton


W. J. Linton


William Linton


Jean Marie Liot


Jean Liotard


Jean Etienne Liotard


Baron Ernest Friedrich von Liphart


Filippino Lippi


Fra Filippo Lippi


Lorenzo Lippi


Johann Lis


Pieter Lisaert


Johann Christoph Lischka


Anna Dorothea Lisiewska


Johann Liss


Philippe Lissac


Dirck van der Lisse


Friedrich Lissmann


Wilhelm List


Alexander Dimitrievitch Litovtchenko


Bartolomeo Litterini


J. Little


Henry Liverseege


Richard Livesay


John Livingstone


Gaspar Miro Lleo


Juan Llimona y Bruguera


Thomas James R. W. S. Lloyd


Walker Stuart Lloyd


F. Lloyds


James Lobley


Timoleon Maria Lobrichon


Andrea Locatelli


Carl Locher


Stephan Lochner


Frederick William Lock


William Ewart Lockhart


Capt. Charles A. Lodder


James Loder


Giovanni Agostino da Lodi


Harmen Loeding


Johan Cornelisz van Loenen


Elisabet Loesch


Sigi Loew


Will Lof


Leopold Löffler


Marion Logsdail


Anna Lohengrin


August Lohr


Friedrich Anton Lohrmann


Jacob Loic


Luigi Loir


Marianne Loir


Nicolas Loir


Gustave Loiseau


J. L. Lomas


John Arthur Lomax


Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo


Lambert Lombard


Robert Lombardi


Serg Lombardino


Pietro Lombardo


Tullio Lombardo


Aurelio Lomi


Wilhelm Lommen


Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov


Amelia Long


Edwin Long


Jeff Long


James Barton Longacre


William Verner Longe


Baldassare Longhena


Alessandro Longhi


Barbara Longhi


Pietro Longhi


Ernest Longmate


Emilio Longoni


Raoul M. de Longpré


Edgar Longstaffe


Alexandre Marie Longuet


James Lonsdale


François Louis Lonsing


Carle van Loo


Charles Amédée Philippe van Loo


Charles André van Loo


Jacob van Loo


Jacques van Loo


Jean-Baptiste van Loo


Jules Cesar Denis van Loo


Louis Michael van Loo


Louis Michel van Loo


Friedrich Loos


Hans Looschen


Basile de Loose


Jan Looten


Candido López


Gasparo López


Gregorio López


Vicente López y Portaña


José López-Enguidanos


T. Alceves Loredo


Ambrogio Lorenzetti


Pietro Lorenzetti


Stoldo Lorenzi


Dante Lorenzo


Fiorenzo di Lorenzo


Veneziano Lorenzo


Peter Anton Lorenzoni


Vincenzo Loria


Didier Lorillot


Anthonie de Lorme


Paul Lormier


Claude Lorrain or Claude Gélée or Claude le Lorrain


Louis Joseph le Lorrain


Jean François Lorta


Gabriel Lory


Matthias Lory


Johann Jacob de Lose


Anton Pawlowitsch Lossenko


Heinrich Lossow


Johann Karl Loth


Johann Ulrich Loth


Lorenzo Lotto


Károly Lotz


Eduard Moritz Lotze


Emile Loubon


William Mouat Loudan


Jane Loudon


Thomas Lound


Michel Loup


Didier Lourenco


Louis Auguste Georges Loustaunau


Jacques Philippe de Loutherbourg


Philip James de Loutherbourg


Edmond Louyot


Samuel Lover


Juan Lovera


Clinton Loveridge


Ponziano Loverini


Matteo Loves


Charles Frederick Lowcock


Strickland Lowry


Charles Auguste Loye


Charles Antoine Loyeux


Benjamin Loyseau


I. Lozano


José Honorato Lozano


John Dalbiac Luard


Holger Lubbers


Patricia van Lubeck


Albert Durer Lucas


Cédric Lucas


Eugenio Lucas


George Lucas


Katherine Lucas


Marie Elizabeth Seymour Lucas


Richard Cockle Lucas


Willy Lucas


Eugenio Lucas y Padilla


Pietro Lucchini


Johann Friedrich von Luck


Adrien Lucy


Charles Lucy


Lothar Lüder


Lodewyck van Ludick


Henry Stephen Ludlow


Albert I Ludovici


Albert II Ludovici


Augusta Ludwig


Günter Ludwig


Martin Ludwig


M. G. Luffarelli


Mari Luffarelli


Emil Lugo


Joachim Luhn


Bernardino Luini


William Luker Senior


George Luks


Evariste Vital Luminais


Juan Luna y Novicio


Edward Lunch


Anker Niels Lund


Frederick Christian Lund


Niels Moller Lund


Gustav Lundberg


Anders Anderson Lundby


Anders Christian Lunde


Gerrit Lundens


Egron Lundgren


Anders Lundqvist


Anne Luneau


Tommaso di Stefano Lunetti


Thomas Luny


Franco Luppis


Nevil Oliver Lupton


Henry A. Luscombe


Benedetto Luti


Ludwig Edward Lutke


Ascan Lutteroth


Simon Luttichuijs


Isaac Luttichuys


Charles Augustus Henry Lutyens


Arthur C. H. Luxmoore


Christiaan Luycks


Frans Luyckx


Christiaan Luykx


Dr. Robert Lyall


Joseph Lycett


Albert Lynch


Brent Lynch


Raymonde Lynde


John Lynn


Corneille de Lyon


John Howard Lyon


Johann von Lys


Thomas Hamilton Lyttleton

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