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World-wide Dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by M
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter M.

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Dirck Maas


Johann Lorenz Maaß


Johann Lorenz Maass


Jacob Jan van der Maaten


Hamilton McAllum


William McAlpine


Joyc McAndrews


Lana McArdle


Blanche F. McArthur


Charles McArthur


Lindsay McArthur


Robert Walker McBeth


William McBride


Andrew McCallum


Cesare Maccari


Lind McCartney


Girolamo Macchietti


Samuel McCloy


Georg Macco


William McConnell


John McCormick


Derek McCrea


Frederick McCubbin


Horatio McCulloch


Horatio McCulloch


J. J.Hamilton McCullum


Alexander McDonald


James Edward Hervey McDonald


William McDuff


David McEnery


Jervis McEntee


Ambrose McEvoy


Thomas McEwan


Duncan McFarlane


William Stewart McGeorge


Jessie McGregor


Robert McGregor


William York McGregor


Antonin Machek


Reginald Machell


Pedro Machuca


J. McInnes


Robert McInnes


Samuel McIntire


J. McIntyre


Joseph Wrightson McIntyre


Robert Finlay McIntyre


Vicente Joannes Macip


James McKay


Thomas McKay


William Darling McKay


August Macke


Frederick McKenzie


James Hamilton McKenzie


William G. McKenzie


David Hall McKewan


Charles Hodge Mackie


Tom Mackie


Charles Rennie McKintosh


Julia McKworth


M. McLachlan


James McLaren


Duncan McLaurin


Kenneth McLeay


Daniel Maclise


Samuel McLoy


James McMaster


Frances McNair


Daniel McNee


Bessie McNicol


M. L. Macomber


Alexina McRitchie


Dan McShane


Eugene Joseph McSwiney


William McTaggart


John McWhirter


J. McWilson


Nilda Madariaga  


Richard Willes Maddox


Paul Madeline


Carlo Maderno


Antonius Josephus Madlener


Jean Baptiste Madou


Federico de Madrazo


Raimundo Madrazo


Raimundo de Madrazo


Raimundo de Madrazo y Garetta


Ricardo de Madrazo y Garreta


Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz


Gabriel Maelesskircher


Mariano Salvador de Maella


Jean Maelwael


Adolf Maennchen


Wilhelm Johannes Maertens


Dirk Maes


Eugène Remy Maes


Nicolaes Maes


F. Maestosi


Michelangelo Maestri


Nicola de Maestro Antonio


Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen


Francesco Maffei


Dominique Magaud


Salva Magazzini


Domenico Maggiotto


J. C. Maggs


Carlo Magini


Alessandro Magnasco


Philippe Magnier


Helena J. Maguire


Thomas Herbert Maguire


Willibrord Joseph Mahler


Edmund Mahlknecht


J. Mahoney


Cornelis Mahu


Victor Mahu


Klaus Mai


Benedetto da Maiano


Giuliano da Maiano


Albert Pierre René Maignan


Diogène Ulysse Napoléon Maillart


Sebastiano Mainardi


Gustave Maincent


Gian Francesco de Maineri


Martin Maingaud


Fray Juan Bautista Maino


Paul Fordyce Maitland


Pascal Maitre


Iwan Kuzmitsch Makarow


Hans Makart


M. N. Makowicz


Konstantin Jegorowitsch Makowski


Nikolai Jegorowitsch Makowski


Tadeusz Makowski


Wladimir Jegorowitsch Makowski


Wassilij Maksimow


Marina Malachowski


Francesco Malacrea


Joseph-Laurent Malaine


Adeodato Malatesta


Adeodato Malatesti


William Malbon


John Baptist Malchair


Carl Malchin


Jacek Malczewski


F. de Maleck


Leo Malempre


Hans Maler


Johan Maler


Friedrich Maler-Müller


Kasimir Malewitsch


Christian Mali


Niccolò Malinconico


Jean Baptiste Mallet


Beng Malmquvist


August Malmström


Jean Malouel


James Malton


Thomas Malton Junior


Thomas Malton Senior


Mikhail Malyshev


Cornelis de Man


Amélie Mancini


Antonio Mancini


Frédéric Mancini


Michel Mancini


Pietro Paolo Mancini


Karel van Mander


William Henry Mander


Alphonse Nicolas Michel Mandevare


Marco Mandibola


Jan Mandyn


Guido Manes


Amalie Manesova


Edouard Manet


Rutilio di Lorenzo Manetti


Bartolomeo Manfredi


Adrien Manglard


Anton Mangold


Adrien Mangsland


Gaetano Manini


Heinrich Genrich Matwejetisch Maniser


Eleanor Manly


Alexander Mann


Joshua Hargrave Sams Mann


Robert Mann


William Manners


Miss Eliza F. Manning


Ruane Manning


Christian von Mannlich


Giovanni Mannozzi


Vicenzo Mannozzi


Jules Hardouin Mansart


August Mansfeld


Josef Mansfeld


George Manson


James Manson


Giovanni di Niccolo Mansueti


Miguel Manteca


Giacomo Mantegazza


Andrea Mantegna


G. Grenville Manton


Niklaus Manuel


Victor Manzano y Mejorada


Henry Maplestone


Antonio Mara


Antonio Maria Maragliano


Carlo Maratta


Franz Marc


Wilhelm Marc


Amedée Julien Marcel-Clément


Georgio Marcelli


Esteban March


Miguel March


Charles François Marchal


Giuseppe Marchese


Girolamo Marchesi da Cotignola


G. Marchetti


Ludovico Marchetti


Marco Marchetti


Vincenzo Marchi


Pinckney Marcius-Simons


Rocco Marconi


André Mare


Jean Baptiste Maréchal


Elisa Marechalle


Hans von Marées


Marie Vorobieff Marevna


Willi Margetson


Hippolyte Margottet


Giorgio Mariani


Adrien Emmanuel Marie


G. A. Marieschi


Michele Marieschi


Prosper Marilhat


Joseph Charles Marin


Orazio Marinali


Onorio Marinari


Antonio Marini


Carlo Marini


Hendricus Maris


Jacob Henricus Maris


Matthijs Maris


Willem Maris


Pietro de Mariscalchi


Anthony Mark


C. Markham


András Markó


Károly Markó


Claude Marks


Henry Stacey Marks


Nicole Marley


Phillipe de Marlier


William Marlow


Simon Marmion


Jean-Honoré Marmont de Barmont


Jean Louis de Marne


Anton von Maron


Georges Philibert Charles Maroniez


Patrick William Marony


François Marot


Daniel Marot the Younger


Francisco Domingo Marqués


Carl von Marr


Joseph Heinrich Marr


Jacob Marrel


Alexandre Marre-Lebrett


Otto Marseus van Schrieck


Alexander Marshal


Benjamin Marshall


Herbert Menzies Marshall


James Marshall


John Marshall


John Fitz Marshall


Lambert Marshall


Thomas Falcon Marshall


William Elsob Marshall


Roger Marshutz


Sebastiano Marsili


Wilhelm Marstrand


Balthazar Marsy


Etienne Martellange


Conrad Martens


Willy Martens


Micha Martensen


José Marti y Monso


Anson A. Martin


Bryan Martin


C. J. Martin


Charles Martin


David Martin


Elias Martin


Fabienne Martin


Florence Martin


François Martin


Henry Martin


Homer Dodge Martin


I. Martin


Jean-Baptiste Martin


John Martin


Juan Gimenez Martín


Michael Martin


Paul Martin


Pierre-Denis Martin


Sylvester Martin


Tamasa Martin


Edith Martineau


Gertrude Martineau


Robert Braithwaite Martineau


Giovanni Martinelli


François Nicolas Martinet


Louis Martinet


Pierre Martinet


Maria Martinetti


Domingo Martinez


Monica Martinez


Thierry Martinez


Salvador Martinez Cubells


Simone Martini


François Martin-Kavel


Eduardo de Martino


Bernardo Martorell


Ivan Petrovich Martos


Jan Martsen the Younger


Andrei Yefimovich Martynov


Valerio Marucelli


Jacqueline Marval


Gustav Marx


Katja Marzahn


Marco Marziale


Tito Marzocchi de Belluci


Arcadio Mas y Fondevila


Tommaso Cassai or Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Mone known as Masaccio


F. Masaccio


Pompeo Masani


Herbert Masaryk


Donato Mascagni


Gustave Mascart


Jacobello dalle Masegne


Pier Paolo dalle Masegne


Pier Paolo dalle Masegne


Vitezlav Karel Masek


Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov


Nikola Masic


Vicente Masip


Tommaso Masolino da Panicale


George Finch Mason


George Hemming Mason


John James Masquerier


Rusiño Masramon


Francisco Masriera y Manovens


Pompeo Massani


Charles Massard


Giorgio Massari


Lucio Massari


Auguste Antoine Masse


Emmanuel Masse


Ian Scot Massie


Benedict Masson


François Masson


Cornelis Massys


Jan Massys


Quentin Massys


Quinten Massys


Herman van der Mast


Jan van Mastel


Agostino Masucci


Jan Kanty Maszkowski


Pera Matas


Vasily Vasilievich Mate


Jan Matejko


Master Mateo


Victor Mateo


Joan Mates


Juan Mates


Pere Mates


Charles Paulin François Matet


Theodor Matham


John Mather


Paul Mathey


Georg David Mathieu


Peter Mathis


Henri Matisse


Bartholomaus Maton


Louis Nicolas Matout


Quentin Matsys


Paolo de Matteis


V. de Matteis


Giovanni di Bartolo Matteo


Tompkins Harrison Matteson


James Matthews


Louise Matthews


Willia Matthews


Georg David Matthieu


William Matthison


Michail Wasiljew Matuschin


Fedor Mikhailovich Matveev


Nikolai Sergeevich Matveev


Yefim Timofeyevich Meinikov Matvei Vasilievich Vasiliev


Andrei Matveyev


Feodor Michailow Matwejeff


James Francis Maubert


Richard Mauch


William T. Maud


Maxime Maufra


Franz Anton Maulbertsch


Henri Mauperche


Alfred Henry Maurer


Louis Joseph Maurice


Antoine Maurin


Charles Maurin


Hervé Maury


Anton Mauve


Jean Baptiste Mauzaisse


Cri Mavaracchio


Marko Mavrovic


Kate Mawdsley


Gabriel Max


Gabriel von Max


Vasily Maximov


Arthur Dampier May


Philip William May


Walter William May


Vladimir Mayakovsky


J. Mayall


Josef Mayburger


Friedr. Ludwig Frhr. von Maydell


Auguste Etienne François Mayer


Friedrich Karl Mayer


Isaac Mayer


Luigi Mayer


Norbert Mayer


Will Mayerhofer


Constance Marie Mayer-Lamartinière


Fray Juan Batista Mayno


Christoph Anton Mayr


Hans Mayr von Landshut


Karl Peter Mazer


Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo


Alan Mazzetti


Ludovico Mazzolino


Sebastiano Mazzoni


Federico Mazzotta


Giuseppe Mazzuoli


John Clement Meade


Arthur Joseph Meadows


Edwin L. Meadows


Gordon Arthur Meadows


James Edwin Meadows


M. B. Mealy


Jacob Wilhelm Mechau


Adolf von Meckel


John Baptist de Medina


Sir John Baptist de Medina


Hubert James Medlycott


Laszlo Mednyaszky


Joseph Rusling Meeker


Mrs. Margaret Meen


Barend van der Meer


Bernardus van der Meer


Jan van der Meer


Jan van der Meer the Younger


Jan Meerhout


Livius Mehus


Paolo Mei


Yegor Yegorovich Meier


Jan Baptist van der Meiren


Michael Meisen


Ernst Meissner


Ernest Meissonier


Jean Charles Meissonier


Franz Xaver von Meixner


Philipp Melanchthon


Anton Melbye


Gari Melchers


Julius Gari Melchers


Luis Melendez


Miguel Jacinto Melendez


Enrique Mélida


Etienne Lucien Melingue


Gaston Melingue


Théodore Melingue


Jacopo di Meliore


Claude Mellan


Léon Auguste Melle


Anton Ignaz Melling


Thomas Mellish


William Mellor


Altobello Meloni


Marco Meloni


Andrew Melrose


C. Meltzer


Arthur Melville


Francesco Melzi


Giorgio Melzi


Francesco Melzo


Kaspar Memberger


Hans Memling


Lippo Memmi


Luis de Mena


Pedro de Mena


Giusto di Giovanni de Menabuoi


François Guillaume Ménageot


Emile René Ménard


Robert Mendham


Pierre Jules Mene


Luis Menendez Pidal


Luis de Miranda Pereira Visconde de Menezes


Giambattista Mengardi


Pietro Mengarini


Egidius Mengelberg


Charles Mengin


Charles Auguste Mengin


Anton Raffael Mengs


Ismael Mengs


Alexandre Menjaud


Michail Ivanovich Menkov


Barthélémy Menn


Christoph Menschel


Max von Menz


Adol von Menzel


Adolph Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel


S. Menzies


G. P. Mepas


Benito Mercade y Fabregas


Gerar Mercatore


Edward Stanley Mercer


Marius Jean Antonin Mercie


Michel Louis Victor Mercier


Philippe Mercier


Ruth Mercier


Jacob Fransz van der Merck


Anna Maria Sibylla Merian


Maria Sybille Merian


Matthäus I Merian the Elder


Matthäus II Merian the Younger


Nelson Augusta Merida


Olivier Mériel


Anna M. Merimée


Hugues Merle


Daniel Merlin


Joseph Jenner Merrett


Walter Merrett


Anna Lea Merritt


Luc-Oliver Merson


Heinrich Merté


Charles Mertens


Jan Frans Josephus Mertens


Robert Mertens


Ute Mertens


Wouter Mertens


Paul Merwart


Charles Meryon


Regina Merz


Juan de Mesa


N. P. Meschtschaninow


Salomon Mesdach


Hendrik Willem Mesdag


Arseniy Ivanovich Meshchersky


Joseph-Paul Mesle


Pius Ferdinand Messerschmitt


Antonello da Messina


Carl Ludwig Ferd. Messmann


Geza Meszoly


Géza Mészöly


Willard Leroy Metcalf


Gerald Fenwick Metcalfe


Lucien Métivet


Gabriel Metsu


Jan Metsys


Quentin Metsys


David Christopher Mettlerkamp


Louis Mettling


François Louis Lanfant de Metz


Johan Martin Metz


Adam Frans van der Meulen


Steven van der Meulen


Pieter Meulener


Constantin Meunier


Cornelius Hubert van Meurs


Conrad Meyer


Hendrick de Meyer


Henri Meyer


J. D. Meyer


Jeremiah Meyer


Johann Friedrich Meyer


Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen


Otto Meyer-Amden


Carl Theodor Meyer-Basel


Friedrich Eduard Meyerheim


Hermann Meyerheim


Paul Friedrich Meyerheim


Robert Gustav Meyerheim


Wilhelm Alexander Meyerheim


Albert Meyering


J. C. Meyern


Steven Meyers


Charles Meynier


Jules Jospeh Meynier


Anne Michaels


Christ Michaels


Achille Etna Michallon


Piotr Michalowski


Theobald Michau


Roland Michaud


Georges Michel


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni known as Michelangelo


Arturo Michelena


Jean Michelin


Jules Michelin


Alexander Michelis


Francesco Paolo Michetti


Niccolo Michetti


Josef Michnia


Adam Mickiewicz


Lt. A. Middlemass


James Raeburn Middleton


John Middleton


William Henry Midwood


Jean Mieg


Jan Miel van Bike


Hans Mielich


Michiel Jansz van Miereveld


Pieter van Miereveld


Willem van Mieris


Frans III van Mieris


Frans I van Mieris the Elder


Frans II van Mieris the Younger


Frigyes Friedrich Miess


Giovanni Migliara


Nicolas Mignard


Paul Mignard


Pierre I Mignard


Pierre II Mignard


Abraham Mignon


Jacob Mignon


Louis Remy Mignot


Herman van der Mijn


Grigory Mikhailov


John Milan


René Milan


Eligio Milani


Giovanni da Milano


Henry Milbourne


Carl Julius Milde


J. Miles


Thomas Rose Miles


François Dominique Aime Milhomme


Rebecca Millais


Sir John Everett Millais


William Henry Millais


Addison Thomas Millar


Peter Millard


Alfred Jacob Miller


Garry Miller


Gary Miller


James Miller


Joseph Miller


Lee Miller


Lewis Miller


William Miller


Jean François I Millet the Elder


Jean François II Millet the Younger


Karl Millner


William Edward Millner


Sergej Dimitir Miloradowitsch


Bartolomaus Miltvitz


Sebastiano Minardi


Tommaso Minardi


Johann Minck


Gottfried Mind


Hendrik van Minderhout


Louis Emile Minet


Andrea di Mariotto del Minga


Antonio Rossellino Mino da Fiesole


Iwan Ossipowitsch Miodushevsky


Jan Ostoja Mioduszewski


Michel Mirabeau


Luigi Miradori


Jean Miralhet


Francisco Miralles


Everadus Benedictus Mirani


Lizinska-Aimée-Zoé de Mirbel


Adolphe Mirecourt


Nicolo Miretto


Joan Miro


Joan Miró


Anton Mirou


Juan de la Miseria


A. M. Mitchell


Charles William Mitchell


Ged Mitchell


J. A. Mitchell


John Campbell Mitchell


Robert Mitchell


William Mitchell


William Frederick Mitchell


Markus Mitterer


Jakob Christoph Miville


Grigorij Grigorievich Mjasojedow


Girolamo Mocetto


Giovanni Mochi


Barnaba da Modena


Tomaso da Modena


Daniel Moder


Paula Modersohn-Becker


Amadeo Modigliani


Louis Charles Moeller


Otto F. Th. von Moeller


Joseph Moerenhout


Jan Baptist van Moerkerke


Nicolaes Cornelisz Moeyaert


John Mogford


Johann Georg Paul Mohr


Alfred Mohrbutter


Bernhard Mohrhagen


John Henry Mohrmann


Louise Moillon


Jean Guillaume Moitte


Antoine le Moiturier


Pieter van Mol


Pier Francesco Mola


Grigory Dmitriev Molchanov


Josef Adam Mölck


John Henry Mole


Bartholomeus Molenaer


Claes Molenaer


Jan Miense Molenaer


Klaes Molenaer


Pieter Molijn


Christian Mollback


Andreas Moller


Anton Moller


J. B. M. Möller


József Molnár


Francis Moltino


Hendrik Mommers


Frans de Momper


Joos de Momper


Lorenzo di Monaco


Paolo Monaldi


Livia Monami


Peter Monamy


Jean Jacques François Monanteuil


Cristoforo Monari


Jean F. Monchablon


Xavier Alphonse Monchablon


Vincent Mond


Gio Mondelli


Domenico Mondo


Jean Mondon


Piet Mondrian


Claude Monet


Adolphe François Monfallet


Georges Daniel de Monfreid


Angelique Mongez


Louis de Moni


Christopher Monies


David Monies


Nicolas Monisau


Paula Monje


Rafael Monleon y Torres


Henri Bonaventure Monnier


Antoine Monnoyer


Jean Baptiste Monnoyer


Martin Claude Monot


Nicolas André Monsiau


Peder Monsted


Bartolomeo Montagna


Jacopo da Montagnana


Alfred Montague


Clara Montalba


Bartolome Montalbo


Juan Martinez Montanes


Henri de Montaut


Louis Montegut


Raffaello da Montelupo


Antonio Montemezzano


Francesco Montemezzano


Frédéric Montenard


Antoine Alphonse Montfort


Francesco Monti


Adolphe Jos.Th. Monticelli


Angelo Monticelli


Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli


Comte de Montpezat


Fra Giovanni Angelo  Montsorli


Raymond Quinsac Monvoisin


Fannie Moody


Isabella Moog


Karel de Moor


Albert Joseph Moore


Barlow Moore


Claude T. Stanfield Moore


Harriet Jane Moore


Harry Humphrey Moore


I. Moore


John Moore


John Collingham Moore


Joseph Moore


Kathy Moore


Mia Moore


Samuel Moore


William I Moore


Franz Moormans


Josef Moosbrugger


Anthonis Mor


José de Mora


Luis de Morales


Anton von Moran


Edward Moran


Thomas Moran


Bruno Morandi


Giorgio Morandi


Francesco Morandini


Walter Moras


Dietrich Moravec


Pier Francesco Morazzone


Alessandro Morbelli


Robert Morden


Ekaterina Moré


Jacob More


Adrian Moreau


Charles Moreau


Gustave Moreau


Robert Moreau


Georges Moreau de Tours


Etienne Moreau-Nelaton


Jan Moreelse


Johann Moreelse


Paulus Moreelse


Jean Baptiste Morel


Francis A. Moreland


Antione Léon Morel-Fatio


Domenico Morelli


José Moreno


Henri Moret


Maurizi Moretti


Alessandro Bonvicino Moretto


Alfred Morgan


Evelyn de Morgan


Frederick Morgan


John Morgan


M. V. Morgan


Matthew Matt Somerville Morgan


Owen Baxter Morgan


Walter Jenks Morgan


William de Morgan


Pietro Morgari


Carl Ernst Morgenstern


Christian E. B. Morgenstern


Antonio Morghen


Wilhelm Morgner


David Morier


Octave Morillot


Eulalie Morin


Berthe Morisot


Giovanni Maria Morlaiter


Michelangelo Morlaiter


George Morland


Henry Robert Morland


Thomas William Morley


Philippe Morlier


Giacomo Antonio Moro


Philip Moro


Morone Moromasa


Giovanni Battista Moroni


Francesco Morosini


Alexander Iwanowitsch Morosov


Aimé Nicolas Morot


Garret Morphey


J. W. Morris


Philip Richard Morris


Richard Morris


Thomas Morris


Sydney S. Morrish


William Morrison


Jan Mortel


John Hamilton Mortimer


George Morton


Wendelin Mosbrugger


R. S. Moseley


Adolf Mosengel


Koloman Moser


Lucas um Moser


Mary Moser


Timophej Mosgov


Henry Mosler


Jean Mosnier


Jean Laurent Mosnier


P. Moss


Jacob van Mosscher


Alexander Mosses


Josef Mössmer


Gillis Mostaert


Jan Mostaert


Thomas Edwin Mostyn


Agostino Jose da Mota


George William Mote


Robe Motherwell


Henri Paul Motte


Jean François de la Motte


Henri Mottez


Victor Mottez


C. Mottram


Peter Motz


Frederick de Moucheron


Isaac de Moucheron


Louis Claude Mouchot


Alfred Mouillard


Léopold de Moulignon


Louis Moullin


William Sydney Mount


Jean-Baptiste van Mour


Henri Laurent Mouren


Richard Thomas Moynan


Jacques le Moyne


J. le Moyne des Morgues


Anton Mozart


Charles Louis Mozin


Alphonse Mucha


Louis Fairfax Muckley


William Jabez Muckley


Hans Muelich


Andreas Mueller


Beth Mueller


Otto Mueller


Gabriele Muenter


Bernhard Muhlig


Bernhard Mühlig


Hugo Mühlig


Meno Muhlig


Meno Mühlig


Julius Muhr


François-Henri Mulard


Pieter I Mulier the Elder


Pieter II Mulier the Younger


Mulinaretto alias Piane 


Albert Müller


Anton Muller


August Muller


Carl Muller


Charles Louis Lucien Muller


Emil Muller


Friedrich Maler-Müller


Jan Muller


Jürgen Müller


Matthias Müller


Moritz Muller


Moritz Müller


Otto Muller


Robert Antoine Muller


Victor Muller


Victor Müller


William James Muller


Franz Müller-Münster


George Mullins


James Flewitt Mullock


J. Mulnier


Augustus Edward Mulready


William I Mulready


William II Mulready the Younger


Hans Multscher


Emma Mulvad


John George Mulvany


Edvard Munch


Gustav Heinrich Münch-Mannheim


J. Mundell


Emilie Caroline Mundt


E. M. Munier


Vincent Munier


Mihály Munkácsy


Hendrick Munnichoven


John Munnoch


Antonio Muñoz Degrain


Hugh Munro


Hjalmar Munsterhjelm


Pere Pau Muntanya


Gerhard Munthe


Ludwig Munthe


Girolamo Munziano


Ramón de Mur


Francesco de Mura


Alexander Alexandrowitsch Muraschko


Euphemie Muraton


Alexander Mikhailovich Muravyov


Bartolomé Esteban Perez Murillo


Salvador Murillo


James Cavanagh Murphy


John Francis Murphy


John Ross Murphy


Charles Fairfax Murray


Elizabeth Murray


George Murray


J. Murray


John Murray


Sir David Murray


Thomas Murray


Margaret Murray-Cookesley


Antoni Murzynowski


Francis Sydney Muschamp


Grigory Semyonovich Musikiysky


François Etienne Musin


Jürgen Muß


Jürgen Muss


Michiel van Musscher


Cesare Mussini


Luigi Mussini


Walter Muth


Annie Feray Mutrie


Martha Darley Mutrie


Jan Harmensz Mutter


Pietro della Vecchia Muttoni


John Muvany


Johann Nepomuk Muxel


Eadweard Muybridge


Jan Barendsz Muyckens


Alfred van Muyden


Nicolaas Muys


Arnout de Muyser


Carl Mydans


Robertson Kirtland Mygatt


Liz Myhill


Thomas Myles


Herman van der Myn


Daniel Mytens


Jan Mytens


Martin Mytens

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