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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
World-wide Dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by O
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter O.

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Harold Oakley


Jo Oakley


Octavius Oakley


Johann Oberer


Anthony Obermann


Hermann Obrist


Jacob Ochtervelt


Friederike Emile August O'Connell


John O'Connor


John Arthur O'Connor


Willem van Odekercken


Karl Oderich


Blanche Odin


Suza O'Driscoll


Ernst Erwin Oehme


Ernst Ferdinand Oehme


Hugo Oehmichen


Theobald von Oër


Adam Friedrich Oeser


Ros Oesterle


Carl Oesterley


Hendrick ten Oever


Marco d'Oggiono


Frederick D. Ogilvie


Christa Ohland


Beken Ok Cowes


Pierre Victor Olagnon


Kora Olbrich


Julius Oldach


Hans Olde


Dr. H. A. Oldfield


Fyrstinde Olga


Jan Olis


Isaac Oliver


Peter Oliver


William Oliver


Alessandro Oliverio


Jeannot Olivet


Ferdinand Olivier


Ferdinand von Olivier


Friedrich Olivier


Michel Barthélémy Olivier


Pietro Domenico Oliviero


Francisco Oller y Cestero


Jean Luc Ollivier


Michel Barthélémy Ollivier


Andrew Olney


Norm Olson


Corry Olthof


Frank O'Meara


Uwe Ommer


George Bernard O'Neill


Henry Nelson O'Neill


Oswald Onghers


Edouard Amable Onslow


Adriaen van Oolen


Jacob II van Oost


Jacob I van Oost the Elder


Isaak van Oosten


Maria van Oosterwijk


Maria van Oosterwyck


Jacob Cornelis van Oostsanen


Jacob Cornelisz van Oostzanen


John Opie


Georg Emanuel Opitz


Moritz Daniel Oppenheim


Gerard van Opstal


Lies Optendreef


Lies Optendrees


William Oram


Auguste l'Orange


Maurice Henri Orange


Manuel Orazi


Andrea di Cione Orcagna


Jacopo di Cione Orcagna


Nardo di Cione Orcagna


Sir William Quiller Orchardson


Bartolome Ordoñez


Juan de Orea


Joseph O'Reilly


Nikolai D. Dmitrijew Orenburgsky


Ruth Orkin


Soma Orlai-Petrich


Stefano Orlandi


Barent van Orley


Bernard van Orley


Bernart van Orley


Pedro Orley


Richard van Orley


Emil Orlik


Boris Ivanovich Orlovsky


Alexander Orlowski


Philibert de l'Orme


William Orme


Sir William Orpen


Pedro Orrente


Victor Orsel


Lelio Orsi


Guillaum Ortega


François Auguste Ortmans


Giovan Battista Ortolani-Damon




Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os


Jan van Os


Pieter Gerardus van Os


Christ Osberger


Emily Mary Osborn


Jaquelin Osborn


Walter Frederick Osborne


William Osborne


Charles Osgood


Rodrigo de Osona the Elder


Alessandro Ossani


Adriaen Jansz van Ostade


Adriaen van Ostade


Isaack Jansz van Ostade


Isack van Ostade


Michael Ostendorfer


Ilya Ostrouhov


Anne Ott


Rudolf Otto Ottenfeld


Andre Ottenjann


Jul van Otteren


Otto Diderik Ottesen


Johannes Dircksz van Oudenrogge


Pierre Jean van der Ouderaa


Pieter Jan van der Ouderaa


Marie Oudkerk


Jacques Charles Oudry


Jean Baptiste Oudry


Philip John Ouless


Walter William Ouless


Pierre Justin Ouvrie


Albert van Ouwater


Isaak Ouwater


Jurgen Ovens


Friedrich Overbeck


Fritz Overbeck


Johann Friedrich Overbeck


J. van Overbeek


Andrei Grigorievich Ovsov


Samuel Owen


William Owen


David Oyens


Denis Ozouf

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