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World-wide dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by P
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter P.

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Girolamo del Pacchia


Giacomo Pacchiarotti


Francisco Pacheco


Ferdinand Pacher


Michael Pacher


Thomas Packer


Ferenc Paczka


Camillo Paderni


Robert Wilkinson Padley


Alessandro Padovanino


Gregorio Pagani


William Page


H. Marriott Paget


Walter Stanley Paget


Giovanni Battista Paggi


Gioacchino Pagliei


Amable Louis Claude Pagnest


George Paice


Edith A. Paine


Augustin Pajou


Jacques Augustin Catherine Pajou


Benes Pal


Francisco Palacios


Anthonie Palamedes


Anthonie Palamedesz


Palamedes Palamedesz


Anna Paleta


Johannes Jacobus Paling


Filippo Palizzi


Giuseppe Palizzi


Jean Léon Pallière


Pierre François Palloy


Gustav Palm


Jacopo II Palma il Giovane


Jacopo II Palma the Younger


Vincente Gonzalez Palmaroli


Frances Flora Bond Palmer


Henry Sutton Palmer


Samuel Palmer


Walter Launt Palmer


Marco Palmezzano


Charles Palmié


Giuseppe Palmieri


Acsilso Antonio de Palomino


Pietro Paltronieri


Jacques Palyart


L.  F. A. Panhuts


Masolino da Panicale


Reginald Pannett


Giovann Pannini


Giovanni Paolo Pannini


Michele Pannonio


Paul Panossian


Fred Pansing


Felice Pantaloni


Pericles Pantazis


Juan Pantoja de la Cruz


Antonio Ermolao Paoletti


Pietro Paolini


Fra da Pistoia Paolino


Giovanni Paolo


L. Papaluca


Abraham de Pape


Dominique Louis Ferreol Papety


Georg Papperitz


Louis Bertin Parant


Mich Paraskevas


Bernardo Parentino


Luis Paret y Alcazar


Giulio Parigi


Edmund Thomas Paris


H. Morley Park


James Stuart Park


Linton Park


S. Sam Park


Curtis Parker


Henry Parker


Henry Perlee Parker


John Parker


Kim Parker


Maude Parker


W. S. Parkes


Norma Parkinson


Sydney Parkinson


Thomas Parkinson


William H. Parkinson


John H. Parkyn


Filippo Parodi


Philippe Parpette


Rosine Parran


Matthias Parre


Edmund Thomas Parris


Charles Parrocel


J. B. Parrocel


Joseph Parrocel


William Parrott


Joseph Parry


William Pars


Alfred Parsons


Arthur Wilde Parsons


Charles Parsons


J. V. R. Parsons


Karl Parsons


Arthur Parton


Ernest Parton


John Partridge


Johann Pasch


Lorenz II Pasch the Younger


Irene Paschal


Jules Pascin


Alberto Pasini


Nancy A. Sabine Pasley


Daniel Pasmore


F. G. Pasmore


John Frederick Pasmore


Eric Pasquier


Lucian Pasquini


I. Pass


Bartolomeo Passarotti


Giuseppe Passeri


Charles Henry Passey


Domenico Cresti Passignano


Ludwig Passini


Cherubino Patà


Laszlo Pataky


Thomas Patch


Pierre Patel


Antoine Pierre Patel the Younger


Amedée de la Patellière


Jean Baptiste Joseph Pater


Benjamin Patersen


Caroline Paterson


James Paterson


Joachim Patinier


Joachim Patinir


David Paton


Frank Paton


Richard Paton


Sir Joseph Noel Paton


Waller Hugh Paton


Jean Patricot


Libe Patrignani


Isidore Patrois


Cesar Pattein


George Patten


William Vandyke Patten


Ferdinando Pattini


Jean Joseph Patu de Rosemont


Pierre Alexandre Pau de Saint-Martin


Christoph Paudiss


Christoph Paudiß


John Paul


Sir John Dean Paul


Paul Paulin


Anton Paulsen


Fritz Paulsen


Franz Paumgarrten


Marc Paumier


Hans Paus


Ferdinand Pauwels


Vincenzo da Pavia


Eugène Pavy


Waclaw Pawliszak


Kapiton Stepanowitsch Pawlow


Liz Pawsey


Edgar Samuel Paxon


Sir Joseph Paxton


Janet Payne


Samantha Payne


William Payne


Enrico Pazzi


J. Peachy


George Edward Peacock


Joseph Peacock


Robert Peake


Peake the Elder


Charles Willson Peale


Raphaelle Peale


Rembrandt Peale


Titian Ramsey Peale


James Peale the Elder


Benoni Pearce


Richard Pearce


Harry J. Pearson


John Pearson


William Pearson


Gabriel Edouard Baptiste Pech


Georg Pecham


Carl Heinrich von Pechmann


Friedrich Pecht


John Pedder


Viggo Pedersen


Francesco Pedraltes


Gianpietrino Pedrini


James Peel


Paul Peel


Bonaventura Peeters


Clara Peeters


Jacob Balthasar Peeters


Jan Peeters


Pieter II Peetersz


Jean Pegot-Ogier


J. F. de Pelchin


N. Pelcocq


Roque Pelegri


Fernand Pelez


Jacobus Pelgrom


James Pelham


Domenico Pellegrini


Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini


Pierre Jacques Pelletier


Sylvie Pelletier


Alphonse Pellion


Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo


Léon-Germain Pelouse


Sergei Varlenovich Pen


Angel Peña


Georg Pencz


Georg um Pencz


Edward Penfield


Frank C. Penfold


Octave Penguilly l'Haridon


Jean I Penicaud


Nardon Penicaud


Aaron Edwin Penley


Stephen Penn


Sir James Pennathorne


Charles Oliver de Penne


Giovanni Francesco Penni


Edward Penny


Francis Cranmer Penrose


John Jewell Penstone


Jean Pépin


Martin Pepin


Marten Pepyn


Martin Pepyn


Francisco Peralta del Campo


Santo Peranda


Ferry Peratoner


E. Percel


Charles Percier


John Percivall


Samuel Percy


Sidnay Richard Percy


Jean François Perdrix


Johan Pere


Antonio de Pereda


Antonio Pereda y Salgado


K. Peres


Francesco Peresi


Achille Peretti


Manuel Pereyra


Alonzo Perez


Bartolomeo Perez


Christina Perez


Antonio Perez Rubio


Arthur Perigal


Alexis Joseph Perignon


George Holten Perkins


Granville Perklins


Friedrich Perlberg


Balthasar Permoser


A. F. Permyakov


Johan Pernath


Markus Pernhart


Bruno Pérousse


Vasili Grigorevich Perov


Jose Perovani


Wassili Perow


Léon Bazile Perrault


Jean Perreal


François Bourguignon Perrier


Jean Charles Nicaise Perrin


Olivier Perrin


Jean-Baptiste Perronneau


Enoch Wood Perry


Adrian Persac


Marti Perscheid


Henri Person


Charles Edward Perugini


Baldasa Peruzzi


Baldassare Peruzzi


Antonio Francesco Peruzzini


Giovanni Antonio da Pesaro


Carl Gottlieb Peschel


Francesco di Stefano Pesellino


Giuliano d'Arrighi Pesello


Mikhail Ivanovich Peskov


Antoine Pesne


Charles Albert Pesnelle


Jozef Peszka


Johan Wenzel Peter


Michael Peterle


Anna Peters


Celeste Peters


Pieter Francis Peters


Rev. Matthew William Peters


Peter Tom Petersen


Eilif Peterssen


Abraham Pether


Henry Pether


Sebastian Pether


Mrs Dujardin-Beaumetz Petiet


Alfred Petit


Charles Petit


Eugène Petit


François Constant Petit


Jean Louis Petit


Pierre Joseph Petit


Pierre Petit-Gérard


Edmond Petitjean


Hippolyte Petitjean


Ennemond Alexandre Petitot


Jean Petitot the Elder


John Frederick Peto


Antonio Petrini


Giuseppe Antonio Petrini


Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov-Vodkin


Nikolai Petrowitsch Petrow


August Xaver Karl von Pettenkofen


Franz Xaver Petter


John Pettie


Charles Pettit


George W. Pettit


Joseph Paul Pettit


Edwin Pettitt


Leon Jean Petua


Dirk Petzold


Marta Peuckert


Eric Peyret


Jean François Pierre Peyron


Frédéric Peyson


Antoine Pezey


Jean Pezous


Pietro Pezzati


John Pezzenti


Friedrich Wilhelm Pfeiffer


Maximilian Pfeiler


Maximilian Pfeiller


Marcus Pfister


Gerd Pflumm


Franz Pforr


Johann Georg Pforr


Peter Pharoah


Richard Phelps


Bill Philip


Karel Frans Philippeau


Félix Philippoteaux


Léon Philippoteaux


Paul Dominique Philippoteaux


Henry Wyndham Philips


Theodor Esbern Philipsen


John Phillip


Ammi Phillips


Charles Phillips


Jodi Phillips


John Phillips


Thomas Phillips


Constance Phillott


James George Philp


Pia Phoenix


Tasmin Phoenix


Antonio Pian


Piane alias Mulinaretto


Giuseppe Piattoli


Alessandro Piazza


Giovanni Battista Piazzetta


Jean Michel Picard


Leon Picardo


Bernard Picart


Jean Picart


Pablo Picasso


A. Piccinelli


Ernest Louis Pichio


Auguste Pichon


Jean Pichon


Henry Pickering


Frederick Richard Pickersgill


Henry William Pickersgill


William Lamb Picknell


Cornelis Picolet


François-Edouard Picot


Henri Pierre Picou


Henry James Pidding


August Piepenhagen


Charles Franklin Pierce


Edward Pierce


Stefano Pieri


Alessandro Pieroni


Jean-Baptiste Pierre


Charles Pierron


Christopher Pierson


Evert Pieters


Aert Pietersz


Pieter Pietersz


Sano di Pietro


Ansano di Pietro di Mencio


Jean Baptiste Pigalle


William Charles Piguenit


William Henry Pike


Henryk Pilatti


Henri Pille


Henry Pilleau


Jean-Baptiste Pillement


Jérémie le Pilleur


Carl Gustaf Pilo


Germain Pilon


Karl Theodor von Piloty


Ferdinand Piloty the Younger


Isidore Pils


R. W. S. Pilsbury


Otto Piltz


Nikolai Korniliewitsch Pimonenko


Jacob Symonsz Pinas


Ignacio Pinazo Camarlech


Robert Edge Pine


Bartolomeo Pinelli


Edouard Pingret


Giovanni Pini


Paolo Pini


Marco Pino


Marco dal Pino


Paolo Pino


G. Pinotti


Laurent Pinsard


Isabelle Pinson


George John Pinwell


Domenico Piola the Elder


Sebastiano del Piombo


Louis Pion


Jacques Samuel Louis Piot


René Piot


Alexandre Piot-Normand


Maksymiljan Antoni Piotrowski


Giulio Pippi


Luis López Piquer


Francesco Piranesi


Giovanni Battista Piranesi


Laura Piranesi


Karl Karlowitsch Piratsky


Maximilian Pirner


Niko Pirosmanashvili


Adolf Pirsch


Alberto Pisa


Andrea Pisano


Giovanni Pisano


Nicola Pisano


Nino Pisano


Visscher Claes Jansz Piscator


Camill Pissarro


Camille Pissarro


Leonardo da Pistoia


Eduard Pistorius


Carlo Pittara


Luigi Pitti


Giovanni Battista Pittoni


Karl Kaspar Pitz


Gaetano Pizzoni


Pieter van der Plaas


Francis Place


George Place


David van der Plaes


Pedro Plancio


Pieter van der Plas


M. Platearius


Johann Georg Platzer


Josef Platzer


Georgi-Dmitroff Platzi


Sister Plautilla Nelli


Joseph Plepp


Hermann Pleuer


Hans Pleydenwurff


Andrew Plimer


Guillau Plisson


Philip Plisson


Henri Pluchart


Charles Plumier


R. Poate


Bernardino Barbatelli Poccetti


Iwan Pawlowitsch Pochitonow


Isaac Pocock


Lexden L. Pocock


Nicholas Pocock


Giovanni Andrea Podesta


Nikolai Iwanowitsch Podkljutschnikow


Wladyslaw Podkowinski


Adriaen Lievensz van der Poel


Egbert van der Poel


Cornelis Poelenburgh


Charles Poerson


Charles François Poerson


Zanobi Poggini


Georges Louis Poilleux-Saint-Ange


Charles H. Poingdestre


Henri Marie Poinsot


Armand Point


Pierre Achille Poirot


Maurice Poirson


Richard Pokorny


Christiaan van Pol


Jan Polack


Andres López Polanco


Thomas Pole


Vasilij Dimitrijewitsch Polenov


Armand de Polignac


Odorico Politi


Filippo Polizzi


Antonio Pollaiolo


Piero Pollaiolo


Antonio del Pollaiuolo


Piero del Pollaiuolo


Leopold Pollak


James Pollard


Alfred Pollentine


Dorette Polnauer


Diego Polo


Silvia Poloto


Felipe Huaman Poma de Ayala


Konstantin Petrovich Pomerantsev


Pierre Paul Emmanuel de Pommayrac


Alfred Pommier


Walter Pompe


Wandmalerei Pompeji


François Pompon


Antonio Ponce


Jacquio Ponce


Marie Nicolas Ponce-Camus


Thierry Poncelet


Giambattista Ponchino


Arthur Pond


Deborah Ponder


Francesco da Ponte


Giovanni dal Ponte


Leandro Ponte


Antoine Ponthus-Cinier


Antonio Ponz


Paul Falconer Poole


Willem de Poorter


Emily Pop


Alexander Pope


Gustave Pope


M. Popham


Andrej Andrejewitsch Popov


Andrej Nikolajewitsch Popov


Ljubow Sergejewna Popowa


Fedor Poppe


Toos van Poppel


Jan Porcellis


Edwin Augustus Porcher


Giovanni Antonio Pordenone


Charles Porion


Paolo Porpora


Jean François Portaels


Jacques André Portail


Carlo Portelli


Rufus Porter


Sir Robert Kerr Porter


Hans Heinrich Porth


Gerard Portielje


Jan Pieter Portielje


Pagno di Lapo Portigiani


Araujo Porto Alegre


Frans Post


Gerrit Postma


Hendrik Gerritsz Pot


Jean le Pot


Adolphe Martial Potemont


Hendrik Pothoven


Laslett John Pott


Frank Huddlestone Potter


Paulus Potter


Pieter Potter


Edward Henry Potthast


Raymond Poulet


Pieter Pourbus


Frans I Pourbus the Elder


Frans II Pourbus the Younger


Léon Pourtau


Gaspar Poussin


Nicolas Poussin


Peppin Poverino


Charles Martin Powell


David Powell


John Powell


Joseph Rubens Powell


Sir Powell


William H. Powell


George Hyde Pownall


Bernard Poyet


Sir Edward John Poynter


Jacinthe Pozier


Andrea Pozzo


Domenico Pozzo


Alfred de Prades


James Pradier


Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz


Blas del Prado


Carlo Prandtauer


Jakob Prandtauer


Henry Cheever Pratt


Henry Lark Pratt


Hilton L. Pratt Junior


Jonathan Pratt


Antoine Augustin Preault


M. Prechler


Ambrogio de Predis


Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis


Theophil Preiswerk


Friedrich Preller the Elder


Friedrich Preller the Younger


Luigi Premazzi


Maurice Brazil Prendergast


Mattia Preti


Jerome Preudhomme


Karl Louis Preusser


Gaetano Previati


Andrea Previtali


Jean Louis Prevost


Joseph Eusébie Prevot


Johan Prey


Emilie Preyer


Johann Wilhelm Preyer


Amadeo Preziosi


Julius Mandes Price


William Henry Lake Price


Alfred Priest


Thomas Priest


Barthélémy Prieur


Sophie Prieur


Claudin Prigent


Johann Thorn Prikker


Francesco Primaticcio


Georg Primavesi


Jean Baptiste le Prince


Rene Princeteau


John Quinton Pringle


Joseph B. Pringle


Johannes Huibert Prins


Valentine Cameron Prinsep


Colin Prior


Melton Prior


William Henry Prior


Emile Prisse d'Avennes


Edward Pritchard


Edward Pritchett


Robert Pritchett


Ilarion M. Prjaschnikow


Andrea Procaccini


Giulio Cesare Procaccini


Friedrich Prölss


Albert Jurardus van Prooijen


Hélène Prorelis


Henry Prosser


Neville Prosser


Paul Alexandre Protais


Marcel Proust


John Skinner Prout


Samuel Prout


Marcello Provenzale


Alfred Provis


A. Provost


Jan Provost


Pierre-Paul Prud'hon


Witold Pruszkowski


Illarion Mikhailovich Pryanishnikov


Thomas Prytherch


Giovanni Antonio Pucci


Antonio Puccinelli


Matvei Ivanovich Puchinov


Dioscoro Teofilo de la Puebla Tolin


Prilidiano Pueyrredon


Antonio Puga


Christophe Puget


Pierre Puget


Augustus Charles Pugin


Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin


Fernand Loyen du Puigaudeau


Abel de Pujol


Ramón Pujol


Clemente Pujol de Gustavino


Wassili Wladimirowitsch Pukirew


Theodoros Pulakis


Johann Gottfried Pulian


Alberto Pulicino


Domenico Puligo


John Anthony Puller


Scipione Pulzone


Elfriede  Puppe Nehls alias Elpune


Thomas J. Purchas


Belgin Purde


Jan Purkinje


William Purser


Edmond Jean de Pury


Friedrich von Puteani


Pieter de Putter


Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes


Elise Puyroche-Wagner


Robert Pygot


Howard Pyle


Adam Pynacker


Jacob Symonsz Pynas


Charles Claude Pyne


George Pyne


James Baker Pyne


William Henry Pyne

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