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Copy by Michel Mancini of the Garden of Delights from Hieronymus Bosch
World-wide Dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by T
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter T.

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Pietro Tacca


Francesco del Tadda


Scipio Tadolini


Pietro Tafano


Jean Joseph Taillasson


Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait


Robert S. Tait


François Talec


Simone di Francesco Talenti


Field Talfourd


Arnaldo Tamburini


Franz Werner Tamm


G. Tamm


Maurice Tan


Léon Louis Tanzi


Giulio Taraschi


Guillaume-Thomas-Raphael Taraval


Jean Hugues Taraval


Filippo Tarchiani


Nikolai Tarchoff


Jean Charles Tardieu


Jean Michel Tardy


Ivan Vasilievich Tarkhanov


Alexandrovitch Tarkhoff


Teo Tarras


Giusep Tartagni


William Tasker


Jean Pierre Antoine Tassaert


Octave Tassaert


Jean Tassel


Buonamico Agostino Tassi


George Tattersall


Nicolas Antoine Taunay


Jules Charles Clément Taupin


Jean Jacques François Taurel


Ludovicus Tesio Taurinensis


Louis Tauzin


Henri Tavel


Nello Taverna


Albert Chevallier Tayler


Edward Tayler


John Frederick Tayler


William Tayler


Charles Taylor


George Ledwell Taylor


S. Taylor


Grigory Tchernezov


Roma Tearne


J. Tearnof


Ugolino di Tedice


Lievine Teerlink


Gerard Teichert


Jean Teissier


Rafael Tejeo


Károly Telepy


Joseph Auguste Tellier


Pierre le Tellier


Abraham Lamberts Jacobsz van den Tempel


Antonio Tempesta


Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempsky


Abraham Teniers


David III Teniers


David I Teniers the Elder


David II Teniers the Younger


George F. Teniswood


Herman Frederik Carel Tenkate


John F. Tennant


Charles Henry Tenre


Gerard Terborch


Hendrick Terbrugghen


Mikhail Ivanovich Terebenev


John Terris


Andrea Terzi


Emil Teschendorff


Victor Théophile Tesnière


Louis Tessier


Pietro Testa


Robinet Testard


Jean Auguste Testé


Henri Testelin


Adolf Martial Thabard


Lance Thackeray


Henry Jones Thaddeus


Ingrid Thaler


Henry Herbert Thangue


Frits Thaulow


Abbott Handerson Thayer


Max Thedy


Theophanes  dit le Grec


Charles Thevenin


Claude Noël Thevenin


Jean Thévenin


Robert Thew


Lorenzo Thewenti


Jean Thomas Thibault


Johann Alexander Thiele


Jan Philip van Thielen


Claude Thiénon


Louis Desiré Thiénon


Hilaire Thierry


Ada Thilen


Eugène Romain Thirion


Victor Thirion


John Thirtle


Willem Tholen


James Crawford Thom


Hans Thoma


Josef Thoma


Anne Thomas


Antoine Jean Baptiste Thomas


Edmund Thomas


Emile Thomas


Felix Thomas


George Housman Thomas


Jan Thomas


John Thomas


Lieutenant Robert Strickland Thomas


M. F. Thomas


Peter Thomas


Seth Thomas


François Thomire


Pierre Philippe Thomire


François Thomise


Alfred Wordsworth Thompson


Jacob Thompson


Jérôme Thompson


William Thompson


Steve Thoms


Carl Thomsen


Emma Thomson


John Thomson


Rev. John of Duddingston Thomson


Thomas John Thomson


Sixt Armin Thon


Jean Baptiste Thonesse


Robert Thorburn


Anton Thorenfeld


William A. Thornbery


Alfred Thörne


Sir James Thornhill


Hubert Thornley


William A. Thornley


Jan Thorn-Prikker


Helen Thornycroft


Thomas Thornycroft


Mackenzi Thorpe


Joseph Thors


Bertel Thorvaldsen


Frederick Thrupp


Ludger Thuilot


Theodoor Thulden


Friedrich Thurau


Gabriel Thurner


Gabriel Edouard Thurner


Pierre de Thury


Alessandro Tiarini


Pellegrino Tibaldi


Hans Tichy


Adolph Tidemand


Alfred Tidey


Martin François Tielemans


Micha Tienhaara


Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo


Lorenzo Baldissera Tiepolo


René Tiercelin


Margitay Tihamer


Gillis van Tilborgh


Victor Tilgner


Jan Tilius


Johann Till


Peter Tillemans


Avery Tillmon


Franz Timmermann


W. Timms


Domenico Tintoretto


Jacopo Comin known as Tintoretto


Andrea Tirali


Aurelio Tiratelli


Johan Tiren


Francesco Tironi


Anton Wilhelm Tischbein


Joh. Friedrich August Tischbein


Joh. Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein


Johann Jacob Tischbein


Joh. Heinrich Tischbein the Elder


Jean Baptiste Ange Tissier


James Jacques Tissot


William Holt Yates Titcomb


Wilhelm Titel


Diego Quispe Tito


Santi di Tito


Tiberio di Tito


Giuseppe Tivoli


Tiziano Vecelli or Vecellio better known as Titian


Captain George Tobin


Lieutenant George Edward Alexander Tobin


Louis Tocqué


Henry George Todd


Ralph Todd


Lodewyk Pozzoserrato Toeput


Benno Friedrich Toermer


Agostino Tofanelli


Oswaldo Tofani


Sam Toft


Nikolai Tokareff


Dominicus van Tol


Petrus Tola


Edward Tolley


Fedor Petrowitsch Tolstoi


Fedor Petrovich Tolstoy


Jan Bedys Tom


Giovacchino Toma


José Tomas


Niccolo di Tomaso


Desiré Tomassin


Narciso Tome


Giuseppe Tominz


William Tomkins


Giovanni di Tommaso


Clifton Tomson


Anna Nistri Tonelli


Joseph Tonneau


Jacob Toorenvliet


Jan Theodore Toorop


Jutta Töpfer


Wolfgang-Adam Töpfer


Adam Topffer


Francis William Topham


Frank Topham


François Jean Baptiste Topino-Lebrun


Harry Toque


Alain le Toquin


Angelo Torchi


Felice Torelli


Filippo di Matteo Torelli


George Torino


Benno Friedrich Tormer


Oscar Törna


Gyula Tornai


Axel Torneman


A. Torning


Niccolo Tornioli


Wenzel Ulrik Tornöe


János Tornyai


Luigi Toro


Pietro Torrigiano


Jacopo Torriti


Michele Tosini


Pierre Tossyn


Gaston de la Touche


Edouard Toudouze


Auguste Toulmouche


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


Georges de la Tour


Maurice Quentin de la Tour


Pasca Tournaire


Charles Emile de Tournemine


Jan Ulrich Tournier


Nicolas Tournier


Robert Tournières


Léon Auguste Tourny


Henri Toussaint


Martin Tovar y Tovar


Samuel Griffiths Tovey


Charles Towne


Francis Towne


Shane Townley


Frederick Townsend


George Townsend


Bartolomeo di Mariano Traballesi


Bartolomeo Trabellesi


William Traies


Francis M. Trappes


Leopold Trattinick


Wolf Traut


Carl F. W. Trautschold


Francisco de la Traverse


Jean Balthazard de la Traverse


Gaspare Traversi


Edouard Travies


Charles Joseph Travies de Villiers


Julius Trayer


Jan Jansz Treck


W. T. Trego


Stanley Tretick


Catharini Treu


Mich Trevillion


Francesco Trevisani


Alexandre Jan Tricius


Francesco Triconi


Giacomo Triga


Harry Inigo Triggs


Alphonse Louis Pierre Trimolet


Joseph Trinquesse


Louis-Rolland Trinquesse


Jules Triquet


Luis Tristan


Luis Tristan de Escamilla


Nuria Trius


Andrea Trivelli


Paul Troger


Simon Troger


Michel Troncy


Jens Tronicke


David Trood


William Henry Hamilton Trood


Cornelis Troost


Wassili Tropinin


Giovanni Battista Trotti


Paul Desiré Trouillebert


A. Trouve


Jean François de la Troy


Rafael Troya


Rombout van Troyen


Constant Troyon


Wilhelm Trubner


Wilhelm Trübner


Denis Truchi


John Trumbull


André François Joseph Truphème


Auguste Joseph Truphème


Dwight William Tryon


Jenny Tsang


Charles Tschaggeny


Edmond Jean Baptiste Tschaggeny


A. Tschelischew


Grigorij G. Tschernezoff


Nikanor Grigorj Tschernezow


Paul Wilhelm Tübbecke


Jean Baptiste I Tuby the Elder


Edward Tucker


John Wallace Tucker


Henry Scott Tuke


Yefim Tukharinov


Lombardo Tullio


E. Tulloch


John Lucas Tupper


Angelo Tura


Cosimo Tura


Cosme Tura


Alessandro Turchi


Eliza Turck


Rudolf von Turcke


Michael Turco


John Turing


Daniel Turner


Francis Calcraft Turner


George II Turner


J. A. Turner


Thomas Turner


William Turner


William Brint Turner


Pierre Jean François Turpin


Lancelot Théodore Turpin de Crisse


Carl Marcus Tuscher


George Tuson


Craig Tuttle


Merlin Tuttle


Laurits Regner Tuxen


John Henry Twachtman


Brian Twelde


William Twiddy


James Gale Tyler


Alexej Wassiljewitsch Tyranow

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