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World-wide Dictionary of painters of all periods - Painters whose forename begins by W
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In order to complete the choice proposed in our gallery and what you may select by using the links to Museums and other virtual galleries, we provide you with this very extensive Dictionary of painters of all countries and periods which will help you to select artists of whom you would like to have a copy.

It is sorted by first by forenames and after by names.

The articles and prepositions such as d', de, del, della, den, der, du, el, il, l', le, la, of, the, van, von are not included in the sorting of forenames.
For instance, van den Ast should be searched in A and not in V or D.

To overcome this difficulty, you may use the search engine of this Web Site which is located in the ochre background of the column on the left.

When several artists have the same forename(s) and name(s), they are differentiated by a numbering of their name and/or by the indication of the Elder and the Younger, or Senior and Junior.

If the forename of a painter is written in turquoise blue, if you click on it, you will access to his bibiography and to a gallery containing a sample of his works.

To move along inside the Dictionary , you may click on the selected letter in the table above, or go from a letter to the next letter by clicking on the icon or go to the previous letter by clicking on the icon.

You will find below the list of painters whose principal word of the forename begins by the letter W.

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Jakob Wabbe


Ferdinand Wachsmuth


Thomas Wade


Cornelis de Wael


Max Joseph Wagenbauer


Otto Wagenfeldt


Franz Xaver Wagenschon


Anton Wagner


Carl Wagner


Clementine Wagner


Ferdinand Wagner


Gerd Wagner


Jacob Wagner


Otto Wagner


Penny Wagner


Sándor Wagner


Alfred Wahlberg


Friedrich Wahle


Thomas Francis Wainewright


John Wainwright


William John Wainwright


Arthur Waite


Edward Wilkins Waite


James Clarke Waite


Ebenezer Wake-Cook


Oke Walberg


Ernest Walbourn


Alfons Walde


Johann Friedrich Maximilian von Waldeck


Lionel Walden


Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller


Anthonie Waldorp


Anne Waldvogel


John Porter Wale


Samuel Wale


Charles Walker


Frederick Walker


George Walker


John Eaton Walker


John Rawson Walker


Robert Walker


Samuel Walker


Terry Walker


William Aiken Walker


David B. Walkley


William Allen Wall


James Wallace


Josef Wilhelm Wallander


Henry Wallis


Joshua Wallis


Maria Antonia Walpurgis


Jan Walraven


Goffredo Wals


Jacob van Walscapelle


Jakob van Walscapelle


Adele Walter


George Stanfield Walters


J. Walters


Joseph Walters


Miles Walters


Samuel Walters


Johann Jakob Walther


Edward Arthur Walton


Henry Walton


Sondra Wampler


Wilhelm Wanderer


Walenty Wankowicz


Gustaaf Wappers


Gustave Wappers


Colonel Francis Swain Ward


Edward Matthew Ward


Edwin Arthur Ward


Henrietta Mary Ward


James Ward


James Charles Ward


John of Hull Ward


Leslie Matthew Ward


Martin Theodore Ward


Sir Leslie Ward


Thomas C. Ward


Andy Warhol


Jean Warin


Janet Waring


Simon Warnberger


Alfred J. Warne Brown


Henry James Warre


Edmund George Warren


Henry Warren


William Tom Warrener


James Wasdail


Frank Wasley


Rudolf Friedrich Wasmann


Viktor Michailowitsch Wasnezow


Dmitrijewitsch Polenow von Wassili


Sergej Iwanow Wassilikovskij


Fjodor Wassiljew


Valentin Wassner


Marchioness of Waterford


Alfred Waterhouse


John William Waterhouse


Ernest Albert Waterlow


W. R. Waters


James Wathen


Bartholomew Colles Watkins


Thomas Watling


Charles Watson


George Spencer Watson


J. Watson


John Dawson Watson


Peter Watson


Trevor Watson


Walter J. Watson


William Watson


Sir John Watson-Gordon


James Watt


François Louis Joseph Watteau


Jean-Antoine Watteau


Louis Joseph Watteau


C. L. Watts


Frederick Waters Watts


George Frederick Watts


James Thomas Watts


Alfred R. Waud


Eric Waugh


Samuel Bell Waugh


Emile Charles Wauters


Johan Way


Thomas Robert Way


Eric Wealler


William Harris Weatherhead


George Weatherill


Thomas Weaver


Charles Meer Webb


James Webb


Thomas Webb


William Edward Webb


William J. Webb


William J. Webbe


Carolina Webber


John Webber


August Weber


Heinrich Weber


Otto Weber


Theodore Weber


Thoman Weber


Tom Weber


George Webster


Thomas Webster


Hans van Wechlen


Alfred Weczerzick


Johann Heinrich Wedekind


Pawel Petrowitsch Wedenezki


Gotthardt von Wedig


Augustus Watford Weedon


Henry Weekes


Herbert William Weekes


William Weekes


Edwin Lord Weeks


Jan Weenink


Jan Weenix


Jan Baptist Weenix


Jean Joseph Weerts


August Wegert


Bertha Wegmann


John Reinhard Weguelin


Johannes Raphael Wehle


Edward Henry Wehnert


Eduard Weichberger


Hans I Weiditz the Elder


Hans II Weiditz the Younger


Dieter Weidlich


Joseph Weidner


Henry Weigall Junior


Hans Weigel


M. Weigt


Johann Georg Weikert


Jan Weiland


Johannes Weiland


Charles Weimar


P. Weimar


Johann Wilhelm Weinman


Julian Alden Weir


Robert Walter Weir


Robert Weise


Albert Weisgerber


Anton Weiss


Franz Anton Weiss


Jose Weiss


Joseph Anton Weiss


Jan Weissenbruch


Johannes Hendrik Weissenbruch


Ludwig Weisser


Friedrich Georg Weitsch


Theodor Leopold Weller


Ilona Wellmann


Henry Tanworth Wells


William Page Atkinson Wells


Albert Welti


Carl Welz


C. Wemik


Joseph Wencker


Frederich Wener


Alexei Wenezianow


Joseph Wenglein


Karl Bogdanowitsch Wenig


Albert Wenk


Jansa Wenzel


Wassili Werestschagin


Piotr Petrovitch Weretshchagin


Adriaan van der Werff


Adriaen van der Werff


Hans Werl


Alexander Friedrich Werner


Anton Alexander von Werner


Carl Friedr. Heinrich Werner


Hermann Werner


Johann Werner


Joseph Werner


Rinaldo Werner


Gustav Wertheimer


Hans Wertinger


Adolf Ulrich Wertmuller


Jacob Wessel


Benjamin West


Charles Cope West


Joseph Walter West


William West


Richard Westall


William Westall


Richard Westmacott


Stu Westmorland


Ralf Westphal


Gerrit Wet


Jacob de Wet


Jacob Willemsz de Wet


George Faulkner Wetherbee


Jacob Willemsz de Wett


Alexander Wetterling


Willibald Wex


F. G. Wexelberg


Goossen van der Weyden


Rogier van der Weyden


Jacob Weyer


Rudolf von Weyr


Henry Clarence Whaite


T. B. Whaite


Nel Whatmore


Francis Wheatley


Alfred Wheeler


John Alfred Wheeler


John Wheeler of Bath


James Abbott McNeill Whistler


Thomas Whitcombe


B. White


Charles Gier White


John White


Kathryn White


Robert White


Rodney White


Isaac Whitehead


Richard Whitford


Kevin Whitlark


Thomas Whittemore


Thomas Worthington Whittredge


Jean Baptiste Joseph Wicar


Adolph Friedrich George Wichman


W. T. Wickham


Philip Wickstead


William Widgery


Bernd Wieczorek


Wilma Wiegmann


Gary Wieland


James Wiens


Cornelis Claez van Wieringen


Antoine Joseph Wiertz


Alfred von Wierusz-Kowalski


Heike Wierzchowski


Franz Wieschebrink


Friedrich Wigand


J. Wighton


Gerard Wigmana


Thomas Wijck


Jan van Wijckersloot


Jan Wijnants


Domenicus van Wijnen


Charles Wild


Charles Wilda


August de Wilde


Samuel de Wilde


Jan Wildens


John Robert Wildman


Peter Wileman


Carl Wilhelmson


Captain Charles Wilkes


Sir David Wilkie


Edward Clegg Wilkinson


Sir John Gardner Wilkinson


Abraham Willaerts


Adam Willaerts


Isaac Willaerts


George Barrell Willcock


August von Wille


Pierre Alexandre Wille


Petrus Willebeeck


Florent Willems


Peter Willer


Ernst Wilh. Dietrich Willers


Adolphe Willette


Bogdan Willewalde


Bogdan Pawlowitsch Willewalde


Alfred Gibson William


Feron William


Alfred Walter Williams


Andy Williams


Caroline Williams


Christopher Williams


Edward Williams


Edward Charles Williams


Gregor Williams


Hugh William Williams


J. Williams


John Haynes Williams


John Inesco Williams


Penry Williams


Walter Williams


Warren Williams


William Williams


Daniel Alexander Williamson


Henry Brittan Willis


I. J. Willis


J. Hudson Willis


Michael Leopold Willmann


Michal Leopold Willmann


Robert Willoughby


Rev. James Wills


Peter Wilman


Lemuel Everett Wilmarth


Charles Wilp


Andrew Wilson


Benjamin Wilson


C. Wilson


David Wilson


Deborah Wilson


Harry Mitten Wilson


Hugh Wilson


J. Wilson


J. C. Wilson


J. F. Wilson


John James Wilson


Peter MacGregor Wilson


Richard Wilson


Thomas Harrington Wilson


Thomas van der Wilt


Charles Ferdinand Wimar


Edmund Morison Wimperis


John Thomas Wimperis


Ivan Winberg


Johann Amandus Winck


William Lindsay Windus


James Lawton Wingate


Marten Eskil Winge


Jeremias van Wingen


James Digman Wingfield


Jeremias van Winghen


Sergej Arsenjewitsch Winogradow


Bodo Winsel


Hamlet Winstanley


Peter de Wint


Franz Joseph Winter


Gillis de Winter


William Tatton Winter


Joseph Wintergerst


Franz Xaver Winterhalter


Anton Winterlin


John Crawford Wintour


Charles Wirgman


Theodore Blake Wirgman


Isabella Wirth


Philipp Wirth


Iwan Jakowlewitsch Wischnjakow


Commodore Charles Wise


Olga Wisinger-Florian


Hermann Wislicenus


William Wissing


William Wissmig


Jacob de Wit


Jan de Wit


Reint Withaar


Rian Withaar


Silvia Withelm


William Frederick Witherington


Augusta Innes Withers


Matthias Withoos


Ernest Sigismund Witkamp


Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz


Karl Witkowski


Heerman Witmont


Emanuel de Witte


Emanuel de Witte


Peter Witte


Pieter de Witte


Gaspar Adriaens van Wittel


Worthington Wittredge


Konrad Witz


Josef Rudolf Witzel


Marquard Wocher


Jozef Wodzinski


Petronella van Woensel


Dominiq Woisard


Witold Wojtkiewicz


Joseph Wolf


Kaspar Wolf


Barbara Wolfart


George Wolfe


Balduin Wolff


Friedrich Wilhelm Wolff


Heimbach Wolfgang


Adolf Wolfli


Michael Wolgemut


John Wollaston


Thomas Wollaston


Artus Wollfort


Stanislaw Wolski


D. Wolstenholme the Younger


Berthold Woltze


Pieter Christoffel Wonder


William Clark Wontner


Arleigh Wood


Charles Haigh Wood


Christopher Wood


Eleanor Stuart Wood


Francis Derwent Wood


John Wood


Joseph Wood


Lewis John Wood


Linda Wood


Thomas Waterman Wood


David Woodlock


Henry Woods


Lieutenant George Austin Woods


John Archibald Woodside


Richard Caton I Woodville the Elder


Richard Caton II Woodville the Younger


Suzanne Woolcott


Alfred Woolmer


Thomas Woolner


John Wootton


W. Wootton


Joseph Wopfner


Florence of Worcester


J. World


Jules Worms


Edmund Worndle von Adelsfried


Maxim Nikiforowitsch Worobjew


Peter Worswick


Archibald James Stuart Wortley


Konrad Wothe


Frans Wouters


Rik Wouters


Philips Wouverman


Pieter Wouverman


Pieter Wouwermans


Esther Wragg


Adam Wray


E. Wray


General E. W. Wray


Sir Christopher Wren


George Wright


John Massey Wright


John Michael Wright


Richard Wright


Richard Henry Wright


Robert W. Wright


Joseph Wright of Derby


Michail Wrubel


Eugeniusz Wrzeszcz


Joachim Wtewael


Joachim Antonisz Wtewael


Peter Wtewael


Jan Wubbels


Mathijs Wulfraet


Wilhelm Ernst Wunder


Johann Melchior Joseph Wursch


Ernst Würtenberger


Michael Wutky


Carl Wuttke


Alexander Helwig Wyant


Benjamin Dean Wyatt


Henry Wyatt


Norman Wyatt Junior


Thomas Wyatt


Sir Jeffry Wyatville


Francis John Wyburd


Jan Wyck


Thomas Wyck


Leon Wyczolkowski


Countess Nora Wydenbruck


Hans I Wyditz the Elder


Hans II Wyditz the Younger


William Wyld


Robert Wylie


Charles William Wyllie


William Lionel Wyllie


Jan Wynants


Augustus Wynantsz


Anthonis van den Wyngaerde


Anthonie Jacobus van Wyngaerdt


Dirck Wyntrack


Johann Melchior Joseph Wyrsch


Stanislaw Wyspianski


Juliette Wytsman


Friedrich Anton Wyttenbach

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