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Page in English for the testing and debugging of the MichellArt's javascript library
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We used this page for displaying the value of the variables of our MichellArt's javascript library and for the debugging of the numerousjavascript functions used on this site.
It can be useful for you if you download our library, which does not contain any error.

In case of downloading our library, we recommend you also to download Firebug by clicking here, and to use Firefox more Firebug after every modification by working in normal screen.

You can also copy to create your own page of test by copying between beacons < head > and < / head >the debugging function contained in the cartridge with a white background below.

In the event of a javascript error , this function will display a warning message indicating the place and the nature of the error, given that the debugging function included in our library will not work any more if an errorhas beenintroduced into our library.

<script language="javascript">
alert(" Error message:"+msg+"\n In document:"+url+"\n At line Number:"+linenumber);return true

The COPY button to COPY will only work if you use Internet Explorer, or in defect, which requires a preliminary setup, Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape.
Having copied by clicking a button COPY to clipboard,, you will have to use a html editor and do paste html.

If you do not use one of the quoted browsers, you will have to copy manually the contents of the white backgrounded window above, and use then a text editor (for example Wordpad) and do paste at the wished place, without using an html editor.

The explanations given above are also present in our Link Echange page within a div which is automatically hidden if the visitor does not use one of the browsers concerned.

For copying the debugging function to the clipboard, click the following button .

The values shown at the foot of this page for some variables of our javascript library are those that existed at the time of the loading of the page.

Indeed, the value of variables can evolve during all the duration of the page lifedepending on:

Blue ball icon the time which is spending,
Blue ball icon Processing activated automatically on this page,
Blue ball icon actions realized by the visitor of the page:

- position of the mouse,
- click ( s ) made.

You can know the real time value of variables by using the DOM tab of Firebug, but it is a little complicated, especially if you are in full screen, that is why we planned buttons, which you will find below to display the value of variables which may vary after the page loading.

To display the current value of some variables click on the following buttons :
for sessvars.site1 (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for sessvars.site2 (Session variable complementing Cookies) (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for arrivalOnSite
for thisSitePageCount
for sessvars.pageCountFr (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for sessvars.pageCountEu (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for sessvars.CurrentPageHistoryRankFr (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for sessvars.CurrentPageHistoryRankEu (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for fullScreenBoolean
for sessvars.FullScreen (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for sessvars.NormalScreen (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for FullScreen0 (value of Cookie written by previous page)
for FullScreenNew (value of first cookie written by this page)
for FullScreenN (value of last cookie written by this page)
for FSmessageAlreadyDisplayed
for sessvars.FSmessageDisplayed (Session variable complementing Cookies)
for FSmessageDisplayed0 (value of Cookie written by previous page)
for FSmessageDisplayedNew (value of first Cookie written by the page)
for Element (last hidden element shown)

Variables the value of which is set at the page loading:

DOM Variables

Today's date at format MMM D, YYYY :
Properties of your browser :

var PageUrl = window.location.href :
var PageTitle :
var historyLenght :
var totalPageCount :
var documentDomain :
var cookieDomain :
var documentUrl :
var documentUrlLenght :
var documentNameLenght :
var documentNameLastCharacter :
var mO :
var lO :
var pageLang :
var navigator.userLanguage :
var navigator.systemLanguage :
var navigator.browserLanguage :
var navigator.language :
var userLanguage :
var userLang :
var lang :
var L (language index):
var Browser :
var topUp :
var pC :
var pageCategoryLib :

var messageError1 :
var messageError2 :
var messageError3 :
var messageNavigation :
var messageWarningClose :
var messageWarning :
var messageFS1 :
var messageFS2 :
var messageFS3 :
var messageFS4 :
var messageClickFS :
var messageWindowResizedIE :
var messageWindowResizedNS :
var messageWindowNotResized :
var messageCloseOpenedPopUps :
var messageErrorBookmark :
var messageErrorGoBack :
var messageErrorGoForward :
var messageHelp :
var messageLoadLibary :
var messageClickBack :
var messageClickForward :
var messageClickBookmark :
var messageClickFullScreen :
var messageArrivalOnSite :
var messageErrorClose :
var messageErrorPromoPopUp :
var messageConfirmClose :
var messageErrorClickFullScreen :
var messageParentClosing :
var messageParentAlreadyClosed :
var messageNavigator :
var messageModeOption1 :
var messageModeOption2 :
var messageLangOption1 :
var messageLangOption2 :
var messageCookieWritten :
var messageErrorWriteCookieA :
var messageErrorWriteCookieB :
var messageErrorWriteCookie :
var messageSiteNo1 :
var messageSiteNo2 :
var messageErrorGetCookieData :
var messageReadCookieOK :
var messageNoCookieRead :
var messageCookieEmpty :
var messageNoExtCookieRead :
var messageExtractCookieDataOK :
var messageErrorLastModified :
var messageErrorClickNormalScreen :
var messageClickNormalScreenNotSupported :
var messageUnknownBrowser :
var messageUnknownBrowserVersion :
var messageUnknownBrowserSystem :
var messageCopyToClipboardOK :
var messageCopyToClipboard :
var messageErrorCopyToClipboard1 :
var messageErrorCopyToClipboard2 :
var messageErrorCopyToClipboard3 :
var messageLangOptionChanged :
var messageAnoChangeLangOption :
var browserSettingsOK :
var browserSettingsNotOk :

var v :
var popCookies :
var popHelp :
var popHelpH :
var popFullScreenIE :
var popFS3 :
var popFSfirefox :
var popNormalScreenNotClosedFirefox :
var popFSChrome :
var popCookieFSChrome :

Specific Variables
var javaScriptSupported :
var ScreenWidth :
var ScreenHeight :
var HowLong :
var popWidth :
var popHeight :
var popLeft :
var popTop :
var window.toolbar.visible :
var withToolbar :
var windowFullScreen :
var fullScreenBoolean :
var FullScreen0 (valeur Cookie page précédente) :
var FullScreenNew (valeur pour prochain Cookie) :
var FSmessageAlreadyDisplayed :
var FSmessageDisplayed0 (valeur Cookie page précédente) :
var FSmessageDisplayedNew (valeur pour prochain Cookie) :
var HomeFS :
window.opener :
var window.opener.closed :
var FullscreenPage :
var FullscreenImage :
var PopUpsOpenedBoolean :
var ClosingOpenedPopUpsBoolean :
var newWindow :
var PopUpWin :
var zoomfactor :
var webSiteUpDatedOn :
var documentLastModified :
var pageModifiedOn :
var promoUntil :
var DD :
var MM :
var YYYY :
var daysRemaining :
var daysAgo :
var actual :
var nextPromoIn :


Icône boule pourpre lO : language selection customisation

lO=1 (defect value) the language of alert messages and PopUps is the language of the page visited,
lO=2 the language of alert messages and PopUps is the language of the visitor, English being chosen by defect if the visitor's language is not one of the three languages existing in standard on our Web sites (English, French and Spanish).

Icône boule pourpre mO : customisation of the oprating mode

mO=1 (defect value) production mode : only alert messages intended to site visitors are displayed,
mO=2 testing mode : in addition alert messages for debugging are displayed.

Icône boule pourpre number of Web sites handled in coss-domain : 2 (valeur defect value)

If you click the following buttonyou shall see that alert messages and Pop Ups are in your language instead of the language of the page visited, which shows the potentiality of our library.

To report it to you better, click one of the flags of this page which is not yours, before pressing on the same button situated at the bottom of page.
( To restore the initial customisation click that of the icons full screen or normal screen which is shown.)

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